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Polish Your Marketing with Stock Photos — and 4 Other Products to Help You Do Business Better




Pawty Time!

Offer the PAWTY IN A BOX to customers who prefer to grab and go party supplies for their dog’s birthday or gotcha day celebration. Six themes are available, with each kit containing one banner, four bow ties, four flower accessories, and eight each of invitations, party hats, mini bowls and stickers, pupcake wrappers, pupcorn boxes, treat bags and stickers, and placemats. Display with your bakery offerings in this category.


Supreme Beings

Cats are humanity’s biological and spiritual masters. Customers who understand this will want their own copy of Catakism: A Humorous Purr-spective on Humankind’s Obsession with Cats by Jeff Lazarus. Pair with the companion book Dogtology, also from SKYHORSE PUBLISHING, at the register to serve worshipers of both species.



Patches of “Grass”

The texture of fake grass begs dogs to do their business. For those who want the look of grass without the mess that goes with it — faux or real — FREEFIT FLOORS offers its photo-realistic HD vinyl tiles. Non-toxic, waterproof, and resistant to scratches and stains, they are easy to install over most existing floors. Consider for your next remodel!

$5.99-$9.99 per tile

Pet Pix

Looking for professional, appropriate and affordable pet images for your website? Check out The new service from ANIMALHAUS MEDIA features more than 10,000 royalty-free images from professional photographers around the world. Search by type of pet, body language and more.

From $19 an image; (50 percent off an order through October with code AHPP0718)


What’s That Smell?

Got nitrogen-based malodors at your pet business? Shawn Eliot Seitz, DVM, created a product that promises to eliminate them. ALPHA TECH PET’s non-toxic, biodegradable PX550 takes on odor-causing substances such as urine and feces, and it does so while being safe for a variety of surfaces, including fabric.


This article originally appeared in the July-August 2018 edition of PETS+.  




Webinar Replay: How One Store Reached the Top of the (Raw) Food Chain

Catch a PETS+ Live! webinar replay in which host Candace D'Agnolo hosts the owners of Ben’s Barketplace, the largest independent retailer of raw food in California. To see more PETS+ Live! webinars, visit

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8 Fish Foods That Go Beyond All Filler, No Kriller

Look for aquatic nutrition that stands out when stocking up.




A NEW PET INDUSTRY outlook from Crystal Market Research predicts rising demand in specialty fish foods for premium varieties, high nutrient values and time-release technology. The report also notes high-quality diets are becoming available at affordable prices, so when you stock up, look for aquatic nutrition that stands out.

Nutri-Pond Sticks

Aquatic Nutrition Inc.

KEY FEATURES: Nutritional diets packed in a stick-shaped floatable, designed for pond pals like koi and goldfish. Feed them as a daily primary diet or a special treat.

SALES TIP: Great for bait: Pond creatures will surface for these floating snacks, giving pet owners more selfie opportunities for #koifans., (352) 357-0902


Nano Blanket Food Blocks


KEY FEATURES: Plankton and spirulina complement each other in this time-release diet, made especially for shrimp, crabs and crayfish.

SALES TIP: This one gives you three ways to sell: as a supplemental food source for difficult feeders, to mix up the daily diet, and for weekend and vacation feeding., (888) 496-6633



Spirulina 3-Day Feeder


KEY FEATURES: These nourishing vegetable supplements provide up to three days of food for mollies, catfish, algae eaters and snails.

SALES TIP: A life hack for those who travel: Drop in a shell-shaped feeder for any three-day weekend or business trip., (866) 625-2385


Vibra Bites

Hikari Sales USA Inc.

KEY FEATURES: Imitating a vibrant pile of bloodworms, this high-end line offers outstanding nutrition and color-enhancing capacity you have to see to believe.

SALES TIP: This top-shelf food offers the big three for fish: growth, color enhancement and immune system support., (800) 621-5619


Algae Blasts


KEY FEATURES: Red algae pairs with spirulina, vitamins and minerals, plus whole anchovies and whole shrimp for this diet made for freshwater and marine algae eaters.

SALES TIP: It gives algae-eating fish a high protein boost and gets a big reaction from hungry fish., (855) 354-8318


Bug Bites


KEY FEATURES: A high-protein diet made of a unique insect-based formula starring black soldier fly larvae.

SALES TIP: Enriched with multiple proteins, balanced with fiber-rich ingredients and designed to sink, making it ideal for bottom feeders., (800) 554-2436



Coral Food

Cobalt Aquatics

KEY FEATURES: Rotifers and cyclops blend with spirulina to make these nutrient-dense frozen coral food cubes.

SALES TIP: Up that foot traffic — offer next-day delivery for these frozen foods to be the spot for corals and other filter-feeding invertebrates., (803) 591-9500


Nutramar Ogo

Quality Marine

KEY FEATURES: A nutritious diet made of freeze-dried gracilaria algae that comes alive with full rehydration and looks as lively as it does in the wild.

SALES TIP: Show off the magic of how it rehydrates to approximately 10 times its dry weight., (310) 846-4040


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Cat Products

Lickable, Lapable, Crunchable or Munchable: 8 Treats Cats Will Love

Less is more in these new releases.




WHEN LOOKING AT cat treats, less is more in today’s new releases. Single-ingredient proteins and novel food sources are leading in this category. Also gaining ground are innovative products like lickable treats and novelty pet wines.

Bare Breasts

Bare Bites

KEY FEATURES: Made with a single ingredient: 100 percent dehydrated chicken breasts, sourced from and processed in USDA-inspected facilities. 6-ounce bag.

SALES TIP: Larger bag size works well for multi-cat households., (301) 401-2750


Tiki Cat Crunchers

Whitebridge Pet Brands

KEY FEATURES: Available in Tuna and Chicken flavors, these high-protein, grain-free treats have real meat as the first ingredient, along with pumpkin to promote digestion. Only 3 calories each. 2-ounce resealable bag.

SALES TIP: Star-shaped treats for superstar kitties., (866) 821-8562



Pinot Meow Cat Wine

Apollo Peak

KEY FEATURES: Scored first place in cat category in 2018 New Product Showcase at SuperZoo. Made in Colorado with filtered water, catnip extract and beet coloring. 5-ounce bottle.

SALES TIP: Because sometimes cats want to imbibe in liquid refreshments, too., (720) 675-8072


ORGANIX Organic Cat Treats – Chicken Recipe

Castor & Pollux

KEY FEATURES: All-natural treat features organic free-range chicken as No. 1 ingredient. Tastes great, no fillers, and less than 2 calories per tiny, drumstick-shaped cookie. 2-ounce bag.SALES TIP: There are few all-organic treats on the market, and this one is USDA-certified., (800) 875-7518


Catit Creamy Treats

Hagen USA

KEY FEATURES: A hydrating treat that’s eaten straight out of the tube or as a dry food topper. Three flavors, each comes with five half-ounce servings.

SALES TIP: Lickable treats are fairly new, so you may want to post images or video showing it in action., (800) 353-3444


Minnow Treats

Pure Bites

KEY FEATURES: Single ingredient: ocean-caught minnows fished in the U.S., which are chock-full of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. 1.09-ounce bag.

SALES TIP: Made using a gentle freeze-drying process that removes the water and preserves nutritional integrity., (888) 388-7873



Grain Free Buffalo Cat Treats

Holistic Health Extension

KEY FEATURES: Single-ingredient dried buffalo treats are made with a high-quality source of protein. 2-ounce bag.

SALES TIP: For free-range felines. Let customers know what’s not in the bag: soy, grains, artificial ingredients., (800) 992-9738


Carpius Maximus Carp Spears for Cats

Scout & Zoe’s

KEY FEATURES: Smoked carp caught in Kentucky waters and processed and packed in U.S. facility. 1.5-ounce bag.

SALES TIP: Carp is an invasive species that isn’t appealing to human taste buds but works as single-ingredient cat treat, putting “nuisance” fish to new use., (317) 457-7722


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Coconut Husk, Peanut Butter and Chicken Feed: 7 New Releases with Unusual Ingredients

Don’t miss these cool new products.




Ready for Takeoff

Hamsters, gerbils and mice will love climbing aboard the Lucky Flyer from WARE PET PRODUCTS, even though it doesn’t actually go anywhere. Instead, the hideaway proves the perfect place for nesting and napping, and its sun-dried grasses are safe to chew.


Crazy for Coconuts

COCOCHEW has created a 100-percent natural, sustainable dog toy that doubles as a dental product. Made from fibrous coconut husk that scrubs teeth with every chew, the Classic and Junior resemble traditional rope toys, while the CocoBall in large and small prove perfect for fetch. And because the material resists salt and does not get soggy, pet parents will be sure to want it for trips to the beach.



Chicken Feed

For pet parents who have chickens, ZOO MED introduces the Chicken Banquet Mineral Block. Essential calcium mixes with dried mealworms, in-the-shell sunflower seeds, and organic grains and seed (corn, wheat and milo) to ensure strong eggshells. The block also engages chickens by allowing natural pecking behavior and providing enrichment.

Price on request

Super Peanut Butter

Dogs love the taste and texture of peanut butter, making it the perfect delivery vehicle for health boosters. With that in mind, GREEN COAST PET created eLICKser. The line features four formulas: Hip/Joint & Inflammation Support, Full-Spectrum Hemp, Probiotics and Calming. Available in 16-ounce jars.


Toy That Feeds Orphans

From WO comes its latest toy, the WO Ball. This made-in-the-USA, BPA-free ball also works as a chew holder, floats for play near the water and fits into popular ball launchers. Best of all, WO stands for women and orphans, and for each toy sold, the company pays for two home-cooked meals though Widows & Orphans in Ethiopia.



Hemp + Catnip

In Soft Chews for Cats, TREATIBLES starts with its proprietary organic full-spectrum hemp oil to promote relaxation, support the digestive tract, and enhance function of joint and connective tissue, just to name a few results. Then catnip gets added to keep kitties coming back for more.


Chewable Olive Oil

OliviPet DentaBars from WORLDWISE bring the health benefits of olive oil to dogs. Made with premium extra virgin olive oil and a proprietary seed blend — cold pressed for a maximum retention of vitamins and minerals — these chews contain a balanced combination of omega 3 and 6 oils for healthy digestive and immune systems. Available in small, medium and large.


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