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Portland Pet Food Company Releases Upcycling Data – Expects Cat Growth

It’s detailing over 68,000 pounds of upcycled ingredients in the past year.




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(PRESS RELEASE) PORTLAND, OR — Portland Pet Food Company (PPFC), a manufacturer of human-grade dog food toppers and treats, released its annual upcycling report ahead of the Good Food Mercantile, detailing over 68,000 pounds of upcycled ingredients in the past year. Sustainability has always been core to Portland Pet Food Company’s mission, and a key element of their sustainability practices has been its emphasis on its sustainable sourcing. PPFC has worked predominantly with local suppliers and farms to cut down on emissions and ensure the quality of the ingredients matches their high standards. In its most recent report, PPFC details in addition to the local sourcing, they have a growing emphasis on upcycling human-grade ingredients that would not make it to market otherwise.

In the past year, PPFC upcycled over 30,000 pounds of northwest wild-caught salmon, 15,000 pounds of yams that were deemed too small to go to grocery stores, 13,000 pounds of spent grain from local Portland breweries like Hopworks Urban Brewery – up from 4,500 pounds in 2021, 8,000 pounds of bacon from local farms such as Carlton Farms, and 2,600 pounds of eggshells. All told, they upcycled 68,600 pounds of ingredients, and they have their sights set on increasing this number going forward.

“We have always been creative with our sourcing, and we will continue to look for more products we can upcycle,” says founder and Top Dog, Katie McCarron, “and as we look to 2022, we expect these numbers to naturally grow keeping up with our organic sales growth, and with the release of new products, like our two new cat meals, we will have even more ingredients that we can upcycle!”

The new cat products Katie referenced were announced last March at Global Pet Expo and include Boots’ Salmon N’ Pumpkin and Luke’s Chicken N’ Pumpkin. Just like the rest of their products, both meals are human-grade, and they are set to hit market in the summer.

About Portland Pet Food Company

Crafted by humans, loved by pets. Portland Pet Food Company believes in the power of whole food nutrition for pets – that’s why all of its products are human-grade and free from any additives or supplements. PPFC was originally founded by Katie McCarron out of the love for her senior dog, Rosie, and is now loved by dogs and soon to be cats across the globe! For more information, visit




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