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Pupco Brands Launching New Products at Global Pet Expo




(PRESS RELEASE) ORLANDO, FL – Pupco Brands Inc. is gearing up for the pet industry’s premier pet product tradeshow, Global Pet Expo. Attendees are encouraged to stop by the Pupco Brands Inc. Booth #6352 to view their newest products launching: K9Kraves and Kitty Kraves (Nutritious PCR Hemp Oil Dog and Cat Treats), Nirvana4Pets (Dropper Bottle PCR Hemp Oil Nutritional Supplement), and Plenary (cat litter unlike any other on the market – the greatest in the world!)

Pupco Brands, Inc. (PUPCO) is a privately owned, Dallas, Texas based company that develops, manufactures and distributes premium, innovative companion pet products that are healthy for cats and dogs, have unique points of differentiation from competing products and provide a compelling value proposition for the pet parent.  They have recently completed the first step in an exciting new branding campaign, with their cutting edge new website and visually compelling packaging design, which comes with a gold foil stamp of their logo on every branded product.

“Since the beginning of this year, we have introduced over ten new product SKU’s, each unlike any other in the market today, featuring many with Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil,” expresses Paul Lien, President of Pupco Brands Inc., “We are very excited to showcase our entire line at Global Pet Expo and look forward to the official launch of our PCR Hemp Oil treats, our 100% natural pet care nutritional supplement, our leading-edge microbial pet waste odor control solution and our revolutionary cat litter.”

One of the true rising stars on the new pet product introduction list are therapeutic oils and pet treats infused with cannabinoid (CBD) or Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, or PCR Hemp Oil.  Stripped of THC, which induces the “high” normally associated with the hemp plant, both CBD and PCR Hemp oil are regarded as potentially “the next big thing” in the pet industry, due to its almost limitless therapeutic benefits to dogs and cats.

  • K9Kraves: Unlike many pet treats on the market that have high caloric content and/or minimal nutritional benefits; K9Kraves consist of 25% protein and is a great source of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. It’s also corn, soy and gluten free. There’s 300 milligrams of Full Spectrum hemp oil to each 5.3 oz. stand-up pouch, which delivers over 120 Cannabinoids to the Canine Cannabinoid receptors with each treat. The K9Kraves10-Pack 10-unit SNAKPAK is also available and comes in shelf-ready packaging (3 mg. of PCR Hemp Oil per treat).
  • Kitty Kraves: Kitty Kraves is a 100% all fish treat available in a 2.5 oz. stand-up pouch, which provides 75% protein with taurine and omega 3 fatty acids. This treat has been tested with hundreds of felines and the acceptance rate was close to 100%, which is unheard of when you consider the finicky nature of felines. The Kitty Kraves 10X SnakPaks is also available. This popular 10-unit SNAKPAK in shelf-ready packaging is ideal for pet retail stores, as it provides a great cat treat at a very low cost per unit.
  • Nirvana4Pets: 1 ML. Dropper Bottle inside a carton, three SKU’s: 300mg, 500mg and 1000mg of PCR Hemp Oil: A 100% Natural Pet Care Nutritional Supplement, this PCR Hemp Oil/Full Spectrum, in combination with wild Alaskan salmon oil, provides optimum wellness and nutrients beneficial for pet daily health and longevity. Delivering over 120 Cannabinoids, this hemp oil for dogs and cats can be easily administered directly to a pets’ mouth or mixed in their food or water. This miracle supplement addresses anxiety and stress relief and is an effective way to calm dog or cat anxiety, as well as beneficial to pets who are easily irritable or over stimulated by loud noises, separation anxiety, etc. As of today, Pupco Brands is one of the few companies to offer 1000 milligram bottles, which deliver exceptional consumer value by providing pet owners the ability to administer less drops over a longer period of time.
  • Plenary: Revolutionary Cat Litter, Unlike Any Other On The Market: The senior management team of Pupco Brands has extensive experience with cat litter including development, manufacturing and distribution. Three of Pupco’s teammates combined 40+ years of experience with this product segment. Together, they studied the competition and spoken with thousands of cat parents and hundreds of pet product buyers, which lead them to create Plenary.

Plenary has been lab tested and has received stunning reviews by dozens of cat owners, which validates the product’s key claims: No dust, zero-minimal tracking, light-weight, good clumping integrity, excellent odor control, swift cat acceptance, and it flushes down the commode with no issues.  Pupco Brands is confident they have found the closest litter to perfection of any cat litter on the planet. To celebrate this discovery, they selected an appropriate product name (ple·na·ry: adjective: complete in all respects, absolute, unqualified). Similar to their entire product line, they designed extraordinary packaging that visually pops off the retail shelf and screams premium!

Additional products that will be displayed at Booth #6352 include: Microbial Miracle (Pet Waste Odor Eradicator) and PCR Oral Care4Pets (Complete Oral Health Care Product + 100 mg. of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 8 oz. Bottle w/ Pour Spout).





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