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Pureluxe — A Pet Food Formulated Specifically For Citified Pets




(PRESS RELEASE) ATLANTA, GA – Around the world there are millions of dogs and cats who live in a citified urban environment with their sometimes overly protective modern pet parents. This lifestyle usually means limited space and opportunities to let pets run and play as much as they need along with other problems such as eating out of boredom, becoming overweight and infrequent . With this ever-changing lifestyle in mind, Pureluxe has formulated a line of grain free dry pet foods made with the finest ethically sourced ingredients and micro-nutrients to provide sustainable energy, immune support, healthy skin and a beautiful coat. This pure nutrition produces luxurious results giving pet parents, who see their fur babies as human beings, the peace of mind that they are providing their pets the best food available.

“We are in the business of making an all-natural, ethically sourced, luxury, gourmet pet food for citified animals and their concerned parents who see their fur babies as human children,” says Tim Deares, Sales Manager for Pureluxe Pet Foods. “Our number one ingredient in each of our diets is either fresh turkey, lamb or salmon all naturally preserved. You won’t find any corn, wheat, by-products or unethically sourced ingredients. This is Elite Nutrition that provides luxurious results for the most pampered pets.”

Pureluxe is designed for indoor, citified pets, who like children .. may have food sensitivities. Pureluxe features grain free, low glycemic and non-glutenous ingredients. Specifically avoiding the use of chicken meal, the number one ingredient in Pureluxe food is fresh turkey, lamb or salmon along with double the omega three fatty acids and a proprietary blend of micro-nutrients including coconut oil, cranberries, taurine, L-carnitine, pre-biotics, active pro-biotics, and kelp. 

These key ingredients help reduce stress and anxiety associated with indoor, citified pets who often are susceptible to loud noises and separation anxiety.

Pureluxe pet foods support the body on a cellular level in order to provide luxurious results represented by the visible health of a pet’s eyes, skin, nails, coat/fur and stool. This is Elite Nutrition for those who want to be assured of a happy and healthy pet.

Pureluxe for dogs comes in six specifically formulated diets. The first is the Elite Adult Turkey Dog formula. This is a great tasting, nutritionally satisfying diet for adult dogs that want to be in peak condition whether they are lounging on the sofa or jogging with their owner. Four lbs. bag (MSRP of $21.00) and 24 lbs. bag (MSRP $70.00).


The Elite Adult Lamb and Chickpeas Dog formula is for dogs that have sensitivities to specific proteins or glutens. This hypo-allergenic formula is for dogs who do well on a lamb based diet, but cannot intake chicken, beef, wheat, soy or corn. Four lbs. bag (MSRP $23.00) and 24 lbs. bag (MSRP $75.00).

The Elite Adult Salmon and Split Peas formula is an alternative to chicken, beef or lamb based diets. It contains all the same nutrition as the other adult formulas and is sure to please pets with its palatable yet superior ingredients. Four lbs. bag (MSRP $23.00) and 24 lbs. bag (MSRP $75.00).

The Elite Healthy Weight with Turkey, Salmon and Lentils formula is designed for senior, less active or overweight dogs. This calorie focused formula will support the nutritional needs of a dog while providing a very tasty meal. Four lbs. bag (MSRP $23.00) and 24 lbs. (MSRP $75.00).

The Elite Small Breed Dog Formula also offered with mini kibble, is made with turkey, split peas and salmon and is geared for the specific needs of dogs with smaller frames than medium or large sized dogs. Four lb. bag (MSRP $21.00) and 11 lb. bag (MSRP $40.00).

The Elite Healthy Activity Dog formula is for puppies, highly active dogs and show dogs. It contains the proper mix of higher protein and specially blended fats designed to meet their high level nutritional needs. Four lbs. bag (MSRP $20.00) and 24 lbs. (MSRP $69.00).

Pureluxe also makes a full line of cat food formulas that are manufactured with the same strict standards as their dog foods featuring even higher levels of Taurine, Cranberries and coconut oil to support hairballs, skin/coat, stool and urinary tract infections. Fresh meats and essential nutrients with no corn, wheat, soy, by-products, fillers or sugars ensure that these urban kitties will get the same luxurious and healthy diet as their canine counterparts.


The first of Pureluxe’s five cat diets is the Elite Adult Cat formula. Made with fresh Turkey, it is designed for all breeds, indoor and outdoor providing excellent nutrition while stimulating their taste buds. 3.3 lbs. bag (MSRP $18.00) and 11 lbs. bag (MSRP $38.00).

The Elite Finicky Cat formula food uses fresh chicken to provide a protein rich gourmet food that even the most picky eaters will enjoy. 3.3 lbs. bag (MSRP $18.00) and 11 lbs. bag (MSRP $38.00).

The Elite Healthy Weight formula uses a recipe of turkey, turkey meal and salmon for cats that are not very active, getting older or simply a little to chubby. 3.3 lbs. bag (MSRP $18.00) and 11 lbs. bag (MSRP $38.00).

The Elite Indoor Cat formula is perfect for all breeds and sizes that remain indoors. Scientifically formulated with all the proper nutrition and great taste it is perfect for multiple cat households. 3.3 lbs. bag (MSRP $18.00) and 11 lbs. bag (MSRP $38.00).

Finally, Pureluxe also makes a specially formulated cat food for kittens made with chicken, chickpeas and salmon, all super-proteins, to help that baby grow into an amazingly strong and healthy cat.

At Pureluxe, transparency and ethics are of number one importance. With all the recent pet food recalls because of toxic food ingredients and unethical manufacturing processes, Pureluxe strives to gain pet owners’ trust and confidence. 


“We feel so strongly about this trust that if a customer buys our food they can go to our website, plug in the bag’s production code and we will send you a detailed report about the food you are feeding your dog or cat that day. Pureluxe is a gourmet pet food of the highest quality and is the perfect food for your privileged, citified pet.”

For more information about Pureluxe and its full line of pet foods please visit the website at




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