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PureLUXE Pet Food Opens International Distribution in PanAsia, Trinidad and Nigeria




(PRESS RELEASE) ATLANTA, GA – Atlanta-based PureLUXE Pet Food, has begun international distribution in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Brunei, Trinidad, Nigeria and Russia. In addition, PureLUXE Pet Food is also distributed throughout the United States.  

Made in America’s heartland with farm to table fresh flavor, PureLUXE combines a special blend of ethically sourced and hand-selected micro-nutrients. The food uses targeted, holistic nutrition to meet the special needs of the “citified” pet and their modern pet parents … to whom pets are their children.

PureLUXE pet foods support the body on a cellular level in order to provide luxurious results represented by the visible health of a pet’s eyes, skin, nails, coat/fur and stool. This is Elite Nutrition for those who want to be assured of a happy and healthy pet.

For more information about PureLUXE and its full line of pet foods please visit the website at

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