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Rawgust, Black Business Month and Other Events to Promote at Your Pet Business

Look to our list of August and September events for ways to boost sales and have an impact in your community.






1 RAWGUST is a perfect opportunity to educate your market on the benefits of feeding pets less processed, species-appropriate foods. Maybe even lay down a Rawgust Challenge for their pets: 31 days of nothing but raw, with recipes and supplemental products for those who DIY or pre-made options for those needing convenience.

BLACK BUSINESS MONTH happens every August and is your chance to show support and encourage these entrepreneurs. Can you more purposefully source? Join a community event? It’s not just about doing the right thing; there are myriad business benefits to incorporating diversity and exposing your business to new communities.

15 On CHECK THE CHIP DAY, partner with a local vet clinic to offer free chip verification at your business. Be sure to have on hand plenty of chips (chicken and sweet potato are sure to please) for the patient pets. Customers who haven’t had their pets chipped can book with your partner clinic. Win-win.


26 One of the heartening side effects of the pandemic was the unprecedented interest in rescue pets. Sadly, taking care of them requires more than good intentions, and many have since returned to shelters. Apart from recognizing pups’ general service to mankind, NATIONAL DOG DAY seeks to raise awareness about the number of homeless ones. As the country returns to normal — not a good thing for discarded pets — see how you can help.

28 On RAINBOW BRIDGE REMEMBRANCE DAY, set up a tribute to departed pets on your social media pages. Encourage customers to share a photo and a memory of their beloved animal.


1 A few years back, Google launched a huge data-driven program to build a better boss. What Project Oxygen found was not entirely surprising: When it comes to their bosses’ attributes, employees prize even-keeled bosses who make time for one-on-one meetings, who help people puzzle through problems by asking questions, not dictating answers, and who take an interest in their lives and careers. During ONE-ON-ONE MONTH, invest some genuine time in each staff member. You could breathe new life into your personnel management.

11 One date looms large over September, and that’s the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. There is a good chance your local business community will be doing something to commemorate the tragedy. See what activities you can support and join.


21 “We had fun we had joy we had seasons in the sun …” It’s been 40-odd years since that mawkish tune conquered the charts and lodged into the brains of a generation. Hum it as you prepare an END OF SUMMER BASH to clear your shelves and cases ahead of the shift to cooler months.

22 At 110 million strong, singles dwarf just about every other demo. And almost 60 percent seek animal companionship. During SINGLES WEEK, celebrate those who prefer to watch Netflix with their pet by offering services — like nail trims of uncooperative pets — that cater to their needs.

26 On LOVE NOTE DAY, invite customers to write letters to their beloved pets. Award a free product or service for the best combo of sentiment and syntax.


  • Aug. 1 National Immunization Month: Hold a titer-testing clinic to reduce unnecessary vaccines.
  • Aug. 1 DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs: To all the shelter pups whose birthdays are unknown, Happy DOGust!
  • Aug. 10 Spoil Your Dog Day, aka, Treat Day!: Promote those bakery items!
  • Aug. 22 National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day: Another chance to partner with a local clinic.
  • Aug. 30 National Holistic Pet Day: Share content on everything from nutrition to chronic conditions.
  • Sept. 1 National Service Dogs Month: Honor these special heroes with a free groom or supply of their favorite food.
  • Sept. 15 Responsible Dog Ownership Day: Help educate first-timers with a 101 class.
  • Sept. 19 National Deaf Pet Awareness Week: Hold a training clinic for dogs and cats who need to learn hand signals.



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