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Rebarkable Launches Weekly Pupdates to Help Puppy Parents Across the World

The updates cover the first 52 weeks of a dog’s life.




(PRESS RELEASE) New puppy parents who are struggling with puppy biting, toilet training or understanding their puppy can get weekly support to help them create a confident, capable puppy. The weekly puppy updates cover the first 52 weeks of their pup’s life.

Pupdates has been created by dog trainer Ali Smith who found new puppy owners were facing a lot of similar problems, such as mouthing, crate training, understanding body language and development and needed weekly guidance on what to expect. She created Rebarkable which helps puppy parents to conquer all of these issues, to learn more about their dogs and become truly considerate puppy parents.

Ali Said, “because of the pandemic puppy boom, I realised there were a lot of parents out there who were struggling to know what to expect week by week with their puppies. There were a lot of similar questions popping up and I realised that there was a need for new pet parents to have weekly support to help them to not only predict behaviour but to understand it.

“I’m really excited to be launching the Pupdates because I truly think it’s going to help puppy parents across the globe to understand their dogs better and create a whole new generation of dog parents who are kind, knowledgeable and considerate with dogs who truly shine.”

According to the ASPCA — 48% of dogs surrendered in America are between the age of 5 months and 3 years and 96% of these dogs have never received obedience training. Can you
imagine. And to make it worse? 86% of owners don’t get a trainer because of cost. Pupdates will cover the first year of a new puppy’s life and will cover everything a Puppy Parent needs to know, from veterinary information to behaviour and grooming. Pupdates will arm puppy parents as much information as possible, all provided at just the right time to make raising their puppy as easy as possible.

“I’m really excited about our pupdates, because nothing like this exists in the dog training world. We’re making positive training fun, accessible and convenient for all.”


To sign up for Rebarkable’s Pupdates, visit where the pupdates are currently being sold for a trial price of $12.99 until 30th April 2021.



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