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Retailers Shouldn’t Discount the Value of Good Vibes

Survey finds providing an upbeat environment can boost the bottom line.




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For many Americans, vibes are an important part of the overall experience when visiting any kind of establishment, including stores. A new survey, conducted by interior landscaper Ambius, found that 81 percent of Americans either somewhat or strongly agree that they would be less likely to return to a place after picking up bad vibes. This includes workspaces, retail shops, restaurants, businesses and leisure spaces.

“Businesses can no longer meet customers’ needs with a ‘business as usual’ approach,” said Ambius President Lorri MacHarg. “Even a few minor updates can enhance a space’s vibe and improve the overall customer experience.”

Features such as decorative plants (33 percent) and wooden elements (32 percent) give off the best vibes for commercial spaces, respondents said.

The survey of 3000 adults, split evenly by gender, sought to determine what might impact different demographics’ interactions with commercial spaces, with vibes becoming a reoccurring theme. While more Generation Z (48 percent) and millennials (47 percent) are more likely to use the word “vibe” to describe how a place feels over Generation X (30 percent) and baby boomers (22 percent), a majority of survey respondents (83 percent) agreed that vibes are either moderately to very important to the overall enjoyment of a place.

Survey respondents also agree that a good vibe can be just as impactful as a bad vibe. Similar to the feelings of bad vibes, 82 percent of Americans said they either somewhat or strongly agree that they would be more likely to return to a place after picking up good vibes. Additionally, 67 percent of survey respondents need 20 minutes or less to establish the overall vibe of a place.

“First impressions are essential when it comes to creating a memorable customer experience,” said MacHarg. “When businesses choose to invest in interior and exterior enhancements they’re doing more than improving the overall vibe of their space, they’re also showing a commitment to their customers and will likely see a positive return on those investments.”


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