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Ride-Hailing Car Service for Pets and Their Parents Debuts in New York




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – Pet parents across New York City can rejoice that there is now finally an on-demand car service dedicated just for pets!  SpotOn is a brand new app and state-of-the-art ride-hailing car service debuting in Manhattan this August 2018!  This new pet-friendly car service will cater to pet parents who are otherwise regularly turned down by standard NYC taxis or other car services. Perfect for pet parents who can’t fit their 60lb dog into a bag, to ride the NYC subway.  It is not easy to get around this metropolis with your pets; SpotOn is the perfect solution for city dwellers to get to the Upper East Side from SoHo with their pets.  

Created by Aparna Srinivasan, founder and CEO of SpotOn, who is a dog mom, and a seasoned pet industry entrepreneur for the past 15 years. Aparna found it very difficult to get a ride with her two big dogs Krishna and Raja, (who has since passed), and thought, “It should not be that difficult to offer a pet-friendly car service, that pet parents can order with the tap of an app and their ride would be there in minutes.” 

The concept for SpotOn was born and after testing the model in Los Angeles in early 2017, Aparna knew she had to launch in New York City knowing how many Manhattan pet parents don’t have their own transportation. SpotOn goes way beyond your typical car service being specifically geared towards pet safety, comfort, convenience and affordability for pet parents.   

“Every pet that comes into one of our cars has the option to be put into a safety harness, or pet carrier by that is crash tested.  Safety and comfort for our riders and their pets is the utmost of importance for us, I would want these features and services when I am riding with Krishna,” said Aparna Srinivasan.  “In addition, there will be pet amenities in each car such as a: water; antibacterial wipes, lint rollers, backseat covers, and treats for dogs and cats.”  Each car will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes in-between rides.


“From Mastiffs to Calicos to Cockatoos, our drivers are capable of taking pet parents and their companion anywhere in the city,” said Aparna. “In addition, we have drivers that are pet first-aid and CPR certified that can transport your pet to appointments when you are too busy to go with them.” 

Launching in New York City this summer, SpotOn plans to expand to all major U.S. cities and beyond. will be available on the Apple store and Google Play in the beginning of August 2018.

SpotOn is dedicated to bringing their riders and drivers, an exceptional and safe experience while using their platform.  SpotOn will have 24/7 customer service via chat and or phone.

“We are currently taking applications for drivers and already have a team of drivers ready to go,” stated Aparna Srinivasan.

SpotOn matches drivers with passengers who request rides through their mobile app.  Whether interested drivers want to offset costs, cover bills or fund their dreams, being part of the SpotOn driving force will let them become their own boss, and set their own hours.  Pet lovers interested in learning more on how to become a driver for SpotOn can go to and fill out the ‘Become a Driver’ form for additional information.

“SpotOn is literally creating a brand new career opportunity within the pet industry, that just did not exist before,” said Nancy Hassel, President and founder of American Pet Professionals.  “The opportunity that Aparna and the SpotOn team are giving people to have a new career in the pet industry, and basically become their own boss with little overhead is tremendous.  I can not wait to see how this takes off in cities across the country and helps pet owners get from point A to point B with their pets, safely.” 


For more information about SpotOn go to or call 833-4-SPOTON, (833) 477-6866.



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