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Scammers Netted Millions With Fraudulent Flea Meds, Authorities Say




Seven men have pleaded guilty.

A vendor in California has pleaded guilty to selling fraudulent flea and tick medications, reports.

Sean L. Gerson admitted to earning $2.5 million in profits over 15 years selling the products online. 

The plea was connected to a wide-ranging investigation that involved culprits in the U.S. as well as Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, authorities say. reports that federal authroties “seized $35 million in products of unknown origin with fake labels or products made for use in other countries that were not cleared for U.S. sales.” Gerson was accused of selling medications in the U.S. that were intended for the South African market.


In many cases fraudulent products bearing popular names such as Frontline landed with major U.S. retailers, who were unaware it was fake, federal authorities said.

Seven culprits have pleaded guilty in the scam, reports. One alleged supplier remains at large.


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