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Scratch Play Meow Launches Milo’s Magnificent Catnip Spray

It’s inspired by Scratch Play Meow’s chief scratching officer, Milo Fwancis.




(PRESS RELEASE) SCHENECTADY, NY – From the creators of the ScratchLadder comes Milo’s Magnificent Catnip Spray, a paw-some new product inspired by Scratch Play Meow’s chief scratching officer, Milo Fwancis.

Milo’s Magnificent Catnip Spray is a high-potency spray designed to attract cats to objects where their owners would like them to focus and keeping them away from household items they might destroy. Made with 100% high-potency natural catnip oil and distilled water, the catnip spray encourages cats to embrace their natural behavior while leaving the humans of the house happy too.

“I am excited to launch Milo’s Magnificent Catnip Spray, which has been approved for LOTS OF FUN by my own cat and our chief scratching officer, Milo Fwancis,” said Jeff Goronkin, CEO and founder of Scratch Play Meow. “Our mission at Scratch Play Meow is to create products that allow cats to behave as they instinctually would, without destroying furniture and other items around the home. This catnip spray definitely helps us to meet that mark.”

The new catnip spray is a great companion product to Scratch Play Meow’s debut product, the ScratchLadder. The ScratchLadder is four-rung system designed with interchangeable panels to provide any cat with variations of scratching surfaces they can enjoy. Simply spraying Milo’s Magnificent Catnip Spray onto the panels, or any other item the cat may like, will immediately attract them to start rubbing up, scratching, and playing on the ladder.

Available in 4 oz. bottles, Milo’s Magnificent Catnip Spray retails for $10.99. It is also available for wholesale purchase. For more information or to purchase the spray, visit




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