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Second Gen of Marsh Dog Nutria-Based Treats Launching

Products are available at independent pet food retailers, veterinary clinics, specialty grocers, eco-centric businesses and online at




(PRESS RELEASE) Marsh Dog is unveiling its next generation of wild nutria dog treats.

Every year, thousands of nutria, semi-aquatic invasive mammals, must be removed from Louisiana coastal zone to preserve what amounts to 40 percent of all U.S. wetlands. Nutria is lean, clean, nutrient-dense meat, and the No. 1 ingredient in all-natural products that are entirely sourced, manufactured, and packaged in the U.S. Bags feature three iconic wetland plants nutria love to consume: cypress, palmetto and marsh grass. A state-shaped window reveals bite sized treats the company says “taste good and do good.”

Recent hurricanes like Barry only underscore the importance of wetland conservation. They absorb the blow of wind and water to coastal communities, sequester carbon to counter climate change, provide food and habitat for fish and wildlife, offer safe haven to endangered species like whooping cranes, are a source of energy to the nation, and support the more than $1 billion per year seafood industry. Eight percent of all U.S. coastal land loss occurs in Louisiana. Nutria contribute to this dramatic loss.

Founded in 2010 with a grant from the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program, Marsh Dog is operated by conservationists and dog enthusiasts turned entrepreneurs: Hansel Harlan, Veni Harlan and Gretel Harlan Kelly. The siblings have been hailed by national and state environmental groups, governmental agencies, educators, and consumers for their innovative concept and advocacy. Embracing the new wave of environmentalism sweeping the nation, the company is pleased to play a small role by providing pet owners a fun and easy way to turn dogs into canine conservationists. Creating a market for wild nutria in the form of healthy, alternative treats directly supports science-based wetland conservation.

Marsh Dog products are available at independent pet food retailers, veterinary clinics, specialty grocers, eco-centric businesses and online at




Pet Sustainability Coalition

Pet Sustainability Coalition Presents: Critical Sustainability Strategies for Retailers

This webinar, held on November 7, 2019, is the second in a series from PSC discussing how retailers can establish sustainable practices in their business. Moderated by PSC’s Andrea Czobor, the webinar unveils data behind the increasing consumer demand for sustainable products, what retailers have to gain from connecting with these purpose driven consumers, and a new PSC program that makes finding these products easier for retailers.

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