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See This Year’s 5 Reptile Novelties

From moisture-retaining logs to hydrating gel diets.




HYDRATION IS TRENDING in reptile products, as moisture remains one of the trickiest things to calibrate in a terrarium. See what’s new for reptile shelves this year, from moisture-retaining logs to help with shedding, and hydrating gel diets for three kinds of herps.

Exo Terra Wet Rock Cave
Hagen Group

KEY FEATURES: A secure and moist hiding place for pets, made from eco-friendly ceramic. The cave retains moisture, helps reduce moisture and temperature fluctuations, and helps with shedding., (800) 724-2436


Hikari Herptile Gel Diets

KEY FEATURES: Textured to feel like live food to lizards, these gel-based reptile diets are developed in multiple varieties for all sorts of lizards, like leopard geckos, crested geckos and bearded dragons., (800) 621-5619



Zilla Micro Habitats
Central Garden & Pet

KEY FEATURES: A tiny home for little lizards, these are available in two sizes with a unique locking latch and crystal-clear acrylic for viewing from all angles., (888) 255-4527


Environmental Control Center

KEY FEATURES: This complete habitat automation system includes a dimmable heat source, heating and cooling options, plus humidity control. Maintain proper temperature, moisture and light with a button touch., (888) 496-6633

MSRP on quest

Mojave Reptile Lounge

KEY FEATURES: Front-sliding glass doors for easy cleaning, vented side panels for optimal ventilation, plus a large mesh screen top to accommodate most UV and heat lamp setups., (877) 345-3623

$479.99 (48-inch)

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