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Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Soft & Chewy – Liver

Manufactured in the U.S., these soft and chewy bite-sized treats won’t dry out or crumble. Low in calories (3 kcals each), packed with wholesome ingredients; no corn, wheat, dairy, soy, or artificial colors or flavors. Whitebridge Pet Brands.

P: (800) 361-9079. E: W:

Dogswell Immune System Duck Mini Jerky

Each bite-sized high-protein meaty treat has bold flavor and contains antioxidant nutrients from vitamin A and E to support a dog’s immune system, plus flaxseed oil and turmeric. Made in the U.S. with real duck as its No. 1 ingredient. Whitebridge Pet Brands.

P: (888) 559-8833. E: W:

Earth Animal Wisdom Dog Food

A 3-component food individually crafted in small batches using gentle air-drying to maintain nutrients and flavors. Once cooked, the meat, Vitality Cubes, and fruits and vegetables are tumbled together creating an intensely flavorful and nutritionally complete ready-to-eat food.

P: (855) 326-4625. E: W:

Healthybud Turkey Gut Booster

Crafted alongside renowned universities, nutritionists and vets to aid digestive health. Provides unique combination of prebiotics, digestive enzymes and other ingredients to promote good gut bacteria and efficient nutrient absorption. Made with all-natural ingredients like human-grade turkey, hemp, yucca, pumpkin and sweet potato.

P: (833) 687 2837. E: W:

Kaytee Field+Forest Mini Hay Bale

Field+Forest Mini Bale = Less Mess. Made with all-natural timothy hay, topped with carrot, marigold, apple, or rose, and wrapped in a pet-safe palm fiber tie for easy convenient foraging fun. NOTE: This product is not in the box. See the postcard for more details and how to request a sample. Central Specialty Pet.

P: (800) KAYTEE-1. E: W:

The Missing Link Collagen Care Calm & Focus Soft Chews

Super-concentrated, bite-sized soft chews featuring the most effective and cutting-edge ingredients specifically formulated to replace lost collagen and target a dog’s biggest health issues. Designed to help dogs relax and stay focused, without getting drowsy, to help with anxiety.

P: (800) 628-9653. E: W:

The Missing Link Original Avian Formula Powdered Supplement

Created to help captive birds thrive by providing a healthy balance of omegas plus phytonutrients supporting feather growth, thicker plumage, energy, digestion and immune system health. Added daily to soft food, mixing with seed, or sprinkled on vegetables or fruit.

P: (800) 628-9653. E: W: W:

Pet Parents Pawtect Blanket

Made of specifically created faux fur and proprietary Sherpup multi-layer material, creating an impermeable barrier between both exterior fabrics so that no moisture can seep through either side of the blanket. These blankets are perfect for protecting homes and comforting pets.

P: (515) 800-2390. E: W:

Pet Parents Round Pawtect Pad

Premium pee pads providing best in class absorption and odor control. WickQuick proprietary fabric blend quickly wicks and holds more liquids per square inch than other options on the market, whether used for a Great Dane, Chihuahua or cat.

P: (515) 800-2390. E: W:

Pet Parents Skin & Coat Softsupps

Supplement provides pets with nutrients that can help a dog’s skin and promote an overall healthy skin and coat. Contains Epax, a branded super ingredient of Omega-3. Other ingredients include salmon oil, biotin and vitamins C and E.

P: (515) 800-2390. E: W:

P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You) Zoomierex Toy Collection

Made in the U.S., this collection is perfect for tug-of-war, fetch and water games. Durable, floatable and FDA-compliant, these outdoor toys come in two sizes with impactful packaging that will differentiate your store and are guaranteed to give dogs the zoomies!

P: (855) 300-7529. E: W:

Rogue Pet Science Fermented Turmeric+

First fermented turmeric-and-ginger food topper bringing functional nutrient components of ancient natural roots into a powerful, easy-to-use powder to boost a pet’s health. Best used as natural anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling, itching or help joint inflammation.

P: (512) 937-7593. E: W:

Rogue Pet Science Healthy Weight

No sugar or oil tricks used! All-natural high-calorie supplement providing natural energy. Made for hardworking dogs needing to gain weight or picky eaters having a hard time keeping weight on. No by-products, preservatives, plant oils or animal grease.

P: (512) 937-7593. E: W:

Scout & Zoe’s Superfly Black Soldier Fly Jerky

Bugs are the protein of the future! Created using black soldier fly larvae, a very sustainable protein that’s great for pups. Did we say they are very high in protein, lauric acid and rich amino acids? Yep. Novel and nutritious.

P: (317) 457-7722. E: W:

Tall Tails 7” Plush Gnome Toy

Do you believe in tall tales? Perfect gift for small dogs this holiday season. Crafted with reinforced mesh fabric for endless hours of fun. Squeaker is sewn into a separate pouch and stitched into seam for extra protection.

P: (937) 222-2132. E: W:

Tall Tails 14” Plus Yeti Toy

Every dog needs a yeti for the holidays! Made with sturdy, reinforced mesh fabric with a speaker stitched in the seam. Great for interactive play. Machine washable and dryable for easy cleaning.

P: (937) 222-2132. E: W:

Tiki Cat Grill Pate Sardine in Sardine Broth

High-protein, high-moisture nutrition cats need as carnivores. Real flaked sardines and tuna, savory sardine broth mixed and minced to perfection in soft pâté form. All ingredients are 100 percent non-GMO, with no fruits or vegetables, grains, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Whitebridge Pet Brands.

P: (866) 821-8562. E: W:

Vital Essentials Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Chicken Dinner Patty Cat Food

This food is a “purfect” option for those kitties who like love a soft, juicy and nutritious meal – simply crumble patties and add water. This grain-free meal is complete and balanced, made from real meat – chicken, organs and bones. The 48-hour freeze-drying process locks in essential nutrients and enzymes.

P: (800) 743-0322. E: W:

West Paw Beef Liver & Pumpkin Creamy Treats

Creamy, gluten and grain-free treats made with dog favorites like beef liver, beef bone broth and pumpkin. Helps make silky coats, happy guts and healthy joints. Great squeezed into treat toys, on dinner or straight into a smiling dog’s mouth.

P: (800) 443-5567. E: W:

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See What’s in the PETS+ August Sample Box

See What’s in the PETS+ August Sample Box

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Soft & Chewy – Liver

Manufactured in the U.S., these soft and chewy bite-sized treats won’t dry out or crumble. Low in calories (3 kcals each), packed with wholesome ingredients; no corn, wheat, dairy, soy, or artificial colors or flavors. Whitebridge Pet Brands.

P: (800) 361-9079. E: W: