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Shed Defender Releases Two New Original Onesie Patterns: Clouds and Tie-Dye

These vibrant new patterns allow dogs and owners to stay hair-free while they enjoy life together.




(PRESS RELEASE) IRVINE, CA — Shed Defender, the pet industry’s leading innovator of products dedicated to fostering a happier, healthier lifestyle for dogs and their owners, has just released its best-selling original onesie in two new patterns: Clouds and Tie-Dye.

Shed Defender’s Original Onesie was designed using proprietary Shed-Tex material, a movable, breathable fabric, to help dog owners defend against shedding while still giving their furry friends freedom to play. Dog owners don’t have to buy multiple items (brushes, lint rollers, etc) to help capture the loose hair floating around the house, car, RV, or vacation home anymore; they need just one Shed Defender Onesie. The Shed Defender onesies offer a wide variety of benefits including reducing anxiety, recovery support, and protection.

Now the Original Onesie is available in two new, fresh, and exciting summer patterns – clouds and tie-dye. These vibrant new patterns allow dogs and owners to stay hair-free while they enjoy life together.

“We are thrilled to offer the Original Onesie in these two new exciting patterns,” said Shed Defender founder Tyson Walters. “Shed Defender’s enormous popularity has spurred our continuous product development and new onesie pattern extensions. These two new patterns specifically have been repeatedly requested by our customers, and so we’re thrilled to officially bring them to the market!”

The Shed Defender onesie keeps hair in, but it also can help calm anxiety; for stressed or anxious dogs, the form-fitting material offers a sense of security and comfort – like a gentle hug. The onesies can also replace the standard medical cone, protecting surgical sites from unwanted licking or nipping. Surgery is already a stressful situation, and the onesies offer peace as they blend into a dog’s everyday routine, unlike the bulky cones. Now dogs can relax and recover in style.

“Shed Defender onesies have become a staple in pet parent lives,” added Walters. “Owners and dogs are wanting new patterns to keep life feeling fresh and fun!”


The Original Onesie retails from $42.99 to $62.99 and is available in 9 sizes, various colors, and patterns, now including clouds and tie-dye. Learn more about the new Original Onesies patterns at

About Shed Defender

Shed Defender is best-known for its dog onesies which offer multiple benefits. These dog onesies are an effective solution to excessive shedding and contain unwanted dog hair. They also offer support after surgery and are used as a veterinarian-approved, safe alternative to a traditional cone. They can help reduce fear and anxiety in dogs, and are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for dogs of any size, from the smallest toy dog to the largest Great Dane. Shed Defender onesies are made from the company’s propriety “Shed-Tex” durable fabric that is fully recyclable and made from plastic bottles. The company has expanded its product line to include complementary solution products from shed-defending shampoos, skin and coat conditioners, soft chew supplements, anxiety relief products, and more. The company was seen on Shark Tank in Season 10, where they made a deal with Lori Greiner. On a mission to help pets and their owners live a happier, healthier life together, learn more at



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