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Shop Weasand Jerky, Catnip Cards and Dreidel Toys, Plus More New and Notable Products for Your Pet Store

Put these items on your shopping list for SUPERZOO and beyond.





DR. KAREN SHAW BECKER and RODNEY HABIB follow up their New York Times Best Seller, The Forever Dog Book, with the recently released The Forever Dog Life. The illustrated and science-backed guide helps pet parents create a thriving, sustainable lifestyle and environment to help dogs live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Indies across the country are already stocking this book to sell, as they have the exact same mission.

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Crafted from premium grass-fed beef, NATURAL FARM‘s Beef Cheek Rolls are savory chews that offer long-lasting entertainment and essential nutrition. Bursting with flavor but not odor, they support skin, coat, joints and muscles with collagen and high-quality protein. Best for medium chewers, the all-natural air-dried rolls are highly digestible and contain no chemicals, additives, hormones or antibiotics. 5 to 6 inches each, in a four-count eco-friendly bag made of cane sugar.



The Cheek & Bully Braided Sticks from ARTVARK PET PRODUCTS blend beef cheek and pizzle for a unique dual-textured experience. The chews promote dental health, provide high protein with low fat, and are easily digestible. The braided design also ensures durability and extended enjoyment. In 6 and 12 inches., (818) 904-2529



Cats won’t want to leave this spot! The EZ Mount Deluxe Bolstered Window Kitty Sill Cat Perch with Cat Grass Grow Station from K&H PET PRODUCTS gives them a place from which to survey both the indoors and outdoors, with snacks readily available in a convenient mesh cup holder. The fresh greens are U.S.-farmed non-GMO oat grass, the most enticing cat grass variety and a rich source of protein and soluble fiber. Each station comes with two grow cups: one for immediate use and another for future cultivation and swapping, ensuring a continuous supply. TIP: Put one up on display so your store cat can show off how much they love it., (877) 738-5188




The new formulation of CATALYST Soft Wood Cat Litter improves its absorption rate, makes the litter less dusty, and provides a better overall cat and customer experience. The pine scent in Healthy Cat and Multi-Cat formulations contributes to the product’s high level of cat acceptance. TIP: Let your customers know that while the litter now has a lighter color, the change does not affect performance. 10 and 20 pounds., (844) 554-8837



FERA PET‘s new PawBiome Pet Balm provides gentle relief and nourishment for skin, nose, paws and elbows. Active ingredients seabuckthorn, neem oil, calendula — all USDA Organic — combine with Floradapt proBio-65 lactobacillus sakei to support dog and cat skin microbiome and barrier function. In a 2-ounce stick.,



With the new Weasand Jerky from JONES NATURAL CHEWS, dogs get a 100%-digestible snacking experience along with extra protein, glucosamine and chondroitin. The chew, from U.S.-raised beef esophagus, gets slow-roasted to perfection, then hand-cut into flat strips with a jerky-type texture. In four lengths, 5 to 14 inches, to provide an optimal chewing session for any size dog.,



Cat customers will love THE FANCY DOODLE PAPERIE‘s new Catnip Card Collection. Available with humorous messages such as “A sketchy alley cat made me send this, and said your cat would know what to do,” each card also comes with a baggie of certified-organic catnip. Designed and ships from the company’s Los Angeles, CA, studio.,, (626) 625-1175



Simply put: the Holiday 2024 Cat Toys from HUXLEY & KENT are adorable. The plush Meow-zel Tov Dreidel, Ugly Sweater G-Man, Meh’ Nog and Lit Donut offer stimulating play and multi-sensory entertainment. Each toy includes organic catnip and proves perfect for battable play. Pre-orders close July 31 and ship in early September.,




While not new, the LAMBWOLF Baguette certainly qualifies as notable — we couldn’t get near the company’s booth at Global Pet Expo because of the crowds. This best-selling oversized enrichment toy features two squeakers and comes in a crinkly “paper” bag. Treats go in four enrichment pockets for longer and more engaging play sessions.,



Add the limited-edition Halloween Soccer Ball by JOLLY PETS to your spooky holiday displays. Perfect for dogs of all sizes, the JollyFlex material means it can be punctured and will not deflate. Even if a dog puts a hole in the ball, it will still keep its shape. The ball also bounces and floats! Made in the U.S. in a fun candy-corn color and available in 6 inches or 8 inches.,, (800) 232-7950

$15.79/ $23.29


Well, dogs actually are included, in the fun anyway when families break out WEST PAW‘s new The Dog’s Best Friend Game. Created by pet behavioralists, seasoned pet experts and game design pros, it encourages connection, positive reinforcement training and fun for all. Game contains 81 challenge cards, five training tip cards, eight plastic cups; one no-slip playing mat, two plush dog toys, one sand timer and the rule sheet. Game components made with recyclable or recycled content wherever possible. For adults and children 8 and older.,



BOWSERS PET PRODUCTS has created a tranquil, stylish space with its Fresco Dog Crate. In Lunar Grey, it serves as a comfortable den with clean lines, contemporary cabinetry finish and designer wire mesh. Convenient two-door opening features stainless steel hardware. In medium, large and extra-large.,

$449.99/ $649.99



Because cats deserve indulgent celebrations, too! (Perhaps even more than dogs, if you ask cats.) With that in mind, PETCAKES offers the Complete Baking and Birthday Kit for Cats. It includes all the essentials to make three fish-shaped cheese-flavored cakes with yogurt-flavored frosting and three fish-shaped honey yogurt-flavored ice creams, all adornable with included sprinkles. The cakes “bake” in the microwave in just minutes. There’s even a little candle in the kit. All ingredients are human-grade, sourced in the U.S. and do not contain wheat, corn, soy, sugar, salt or preservatives. Even the reusable pans are sourced here.,



Dogs can chase and catch pet-friendly Puppy Love Bubbles. From ATOMIC BUBBLES, they come in Bacon, Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, Pumpkin and Apple Pie scents. Tip: Keep a jar open to demonstrate with visiting pups! 4 ounces each and available in a shipper display of 12. The company also offers Kitty Love Bubbles infused with catnip.,, (314) 614-4549



BUNDLE X JOY introduces humangrade meals balanced for all life stages of dogs and free from grains, fillers and carrageenan. Wild-Caught Salmon & Veggies, Grass-Fed Beef & Veggies and Cage-Free Chicken & Veggies stews come in BPA-free, recyclable 11-ounce Tetrapak cartons made from 70% paper. The 100% female-founded company remains committed to empowering women in all walks of life. It has a 3% give-back that funds women in entrepreneurship and local communities.,




NASC Media Spotlight

At first it was just an idea: Animal supplements needed the same quality control that human-grade supplements receive. But that was enough to start a movement and an organization —the National Animal Supplement Council — that would be dedicated to establishing a comprehensive path forward for the animal supplements industry. In this Media Spotlight interview, NASC’s president, Bill Bookout, talks to PETS+ interviewer Chloe DiVita about the industry today: Where it’s headed, what’s the latest focus and why it’s vital to gain the involvement of independent pet product retailers.

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