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Sleepypod’s Everyday Collection Is An Exceptional Blend of Quality and Innovation at Everyday Prices

Behind every Sleepypod product, you’ll find safety beyond compare and an unmatched commitment to our furry friends.




Pasadena, CA

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IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Sleepypod’s Everyday Collection is an exceptional blend of quality and innovation at everyday prices. Everyday products surprise and delight owners with clever features that make life with pets more gratifying than ever: a strength-tested leash with a built-in handle and intuitive, snap-on hook; an everyday collar that transforms into a martingale collar for gentle control; and even a walking harness that helps to prevent escape artists from backing out of it.

WHAT MAKES THIS PRODUCT SPECIAL? The safety of pet products shouldn’t be a guessing game. Sleepypod products are researched and tested throughout every step of the design process before going to market. The Sleepypod Safety Test Program requires that every one of our products meet the highest standards for safety in order to reduce pet exposure to any potential hazard.

WHAT THEY’RE KNOWN FOR: Sleepypod is the first name in safety for beds, carriers, car harnesses, leashes, walking harnesses and collars. Behind every Sleepypod product, you’ll find safety beyond compare and an unmatched commitment to our furry friends.

RETAILER REVIEW: “What sets Sleepypod apart is that they work scientifically to keep dogs safe, whether it’s during travel in the car or just out walking. Their products are research-tested and proven.” — Paha Kopytov, Bones, Vancouver, BC, Canada



sleepypod Locking martingale collar

Locking martingale collar cinches to provide security and control of a martingale collar, yet can be securely fastened for off-leash use. Available in 4 colors and 5 sizes.

$20.99 – $27.99.

sleepypod walking harness

Innovative walking harness with gentle, martingale feature helps prevent escapes and reminds dogs and cats not to pull. Available in 5 colors in sizes XS, S and M for dogs.

$29.99 – $34.99 Available in sizes S, M and L for cats. $26.99 – $32.99.

sleepypod Power Leash

The Power Leash is strength-tested with built-in traffic handle for extra control. Push-on snap hook benefits those with hand mobility issues. D-ring for clip-on items. Available in 4 colors in sizes M and L.




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