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Square Paws Introduces Custom Cowboy Cat Condo

The company creates custom pieces for independent pet retailers to display and drive in-store traffic.




(PRESS RELEASE) Cat-condo maker supreme, Square Paws, believes in cat-tertainment — for cats, of course, but for indy retailers as well. Starting with the new installation at The Kitty Bodega (@kittybodega), the ultimate one stop cat shop in Houston,Texas, this architect-driven resource is introducing The Cowboy Cat Condo, a climbing tower for kitties that’s proven to be catnip when it comes to driving in retail traffic and spurring sales during its premiere installation. The Cowboy Cat Condo from Square Paws stands alone as a unique structure that cats genuinely enjoy, retailers appreciate and customers fall in love with.

Cowboy Kitties Drive In-Store Traffic

Square Paws’ Cowboy Cat Condo is effectively multi-purpose. It serves as window placement to drive in-store traffic, engages cats at point of sale (whether store cats or visiting cats), intrigues cat owners, starts a dialog with the sales staff not to mention a smile, and successfully generates sales of this unit and/or additional products – including the new cat scratcher from Square Paws with a similar playful artisanal approach.

Lifestyle-wise, The Cowboy Cat Condo taps into the Modern West trend for all things authentic and Western, the lifestyle we see on TV’s Yellowstone – and yes, any of the other Western shows currently streaming from vintage Eastwood to contemporary drama on Big Sky. Yellowstone reinvented the genre and it’s even filtered down to felines.

Catnip to Cat Owners in Houston

From creator Mario Arbore’s point of view as a professional cat-curator, “this is a cat condo a cowboy would envy and a ranch owner — well, it’s even money they’d invest in one — good to give their house cats a chance to play at being barn cats. Or better yet, give their barn cats a break from policing the premises.” The condo dubbed “Herding Cats – The Cowboy Cat Tower” is presently premiering in Houston at The Kitty Bodega (the ultimate one-stop cat shop/@kittybodega). However, retailers interested in Square Paws cat condos as a display piece or a cat tree-concept customers can purchase, can connect directly with Mario Arbore at Square Paws is open to consignment arrangements with selected retailers. The suggested retail price for The Cowboy Cat Condo is $3,000 with estimated six weeks for delivery.


Each cat condo from Square Paws is custom-crafted (by hand) in architect and cat daddy Mario Arbore’s studio (in Melbourne, Florida – near the Kennedy Space Center). So far Houston’s cat community is finding the Cowboy Cat Tower to be most enjoyable cat-tertainment. Meow’s the word and it is spreading fast among The Kitty Bodega’s feline friends. Bespoke Square Paws cat condos can be customized, tailored to the retailer’s or cat parent’s design aesthetic. However with modern and vintage Western themes trending, thanks to Yellowstone and its prequels, even cats (and cat owners) are getting in on the game, looking to fulfill their Modern West fancy one way or another. So when it’s ride ’em Cowboy time, Square Paws has a cat tower for you.

About Square Paws

Nothing leaves the Square Paws studio without being cat-tested and kitty-approved by Mario’s own coterie of kitties. Square Paws being architect-helmed is more of an art studio than a manufacturer. Although some of their popular cat towers are available in small-batch production, the concepts are more often than not one-of-a-kind pieces of cat-inspired architecture, like the Cowboy Cat Condo.

The craftsmanship is unparalleled, combining art and functionality to create custom cat condos that are unlike anything you’ll discover elsewhere. Whimsical, yes, Wonderful too, but practical and as such, doubly valuable.

Mario Arbore’s cat expertise extends to include his work as designer of the Billy Joel rooms at North Shore Animal League America. These innovative spaces are boosting adoption rates at the new cat pavilion, Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, a state-of-the-art facility featuring free roaming rooms for the kittens and cats. Link here to Jackson Galaxy video about the Billy Joel rooms. Watch closely, the cats are so engaged they are ready to hammer out The Piano Man’s tunes on their very own Square Paws-designed piano. For more information go t

To explore showcasing a Square Paws Cat Tower in your retail space, contact Mario Arbore at




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