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State Legislators Seek Tax on Pet Food




It would help pay for spaying and neutering.

State legislators in New Mexico are floating a bill that would create a special tax on pet food, the Santa Fe New Mexican reports.

The goal of the bill from Reps. Debbie Rodella and Carl Trujillo, both Democrats, is to help pay for spaying and neutering for cats and dogs.

Commercial pet food registration fees would increase to $100 per label from the current $2 per label. The change would raise more than $800,000 a year.

The newspapers notes that chicken-based cat food is an example of a label. Another variety of food from the same firm would be deemed as another label.


Robert Likins of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council was quoted opposing the legislation. He said it would “disproportionately punish smaller businesses and less wealthy pet owners that are less able to absorb the cost.”

Read more at the Santa Fe New Mexican

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