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Stop Barking at Your Dog on TikTok, Pet Experts Warn

The action can make a pet anxious and confused, leading to unpredictable results.




A new trend on TikTok has owners barking in their dogs’ faces in hopes of a funny reaction.

But animal behavior experts say this is a terrible idea, Newsweek reports.

Dogs have displayed a wide range of reactions. Behaviors have included “widening their eyes, barking back, licking their owners’ faces or even baring their teeth,” according to Newsweek.

The videos have proven very popular. One clip, shared by user @adrianchateau, racked up well over 34 million likes. (Scroll down to see the video.)

But experts told the publication that barking at a dog makes it anxious and confused and is asking for trouble.

“The majority of dogs wouldn’t understand the intention behind the bark or in some cases where it has come from,” said Joe Nutkins, a dog trainer and behaviorist based in England.


In some cases, the dogs may show signs of discomfort that the owners miss.

“We read a lot about ‘unprovoked’ dog attacks but, when we delve deeper, we actually find there were plenty of indicators preceding this event,” dog sports and behavior specialist Kamal Fernandez was quoted saying.

Read more at Newsweek

@adrianchateaubruh this shit has me WHEEZING #fyp♬ original sound – Savvy


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