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Stuffed West Paw Toppls, Bravo! Duck Feet and More Hot Sellers in August and September

Check out one store’s frozen, stuffed Toppl menu!




  • Frozen, stuffed WEST PAW Toppls! We have a few different recipes, and prices vary. The Birthday Toppl costs the least at $21.99 for small and $29.99 for large, and includes the Toppl. Clients can keep the toy or bring it back for a credit, $7 for small and $10 for large, toward the next stuffed Toppl. We will then inspect the Toppl for any wear, sanitize and reuse it. If a client brings back a “Tired Toppl,” we still take it back, but donate it to one of our local rescue groups. Our clients are going nuts for them! From Aug. 26 through Oct. 17, we sold 75 and couldn’t keep them in stock. — Sheila Spitza, Wet Nose, Geneva, IL
  • The new ACANA Freeze Dried dog food line sold very well. It was 20% off on Astro, but we passed on our ISO savings and ran a 30% off promo in-store and online, with Instagram, Facebook, and email campaigns. We sold through our ISO quickly, but kept the promo going all month and absorbed the extra 10% to restock each week. — Robert Gerrity, Petworks, St. Petersburg, FL
  • RAWZ canned cat food has been an awesome seller for us. We have lots of customers whose cats need a rabbit-based formula, and it has filled the bill for them. — Keith Henline, Ashville Pet Supply, Ashville, NC
  • We had a huge uptick in dog ice cream as we did a couple of “ice cream eating” contests for dogs. We carry ARRFSCARF, priced at $6 each. — Catherine Crews, Canine Crews, Chicago, IL
  • BRAVO! Dry-roasted duck feet chews were our bestseller in August. We have the bulk 200-count box sitting at checkout for impulse buys and sell individual duck feet for $1.19. It’s always a conversation starter for people who haven’t seen them before. They’re intrigued and sometimes disgusted by the look of them, so they ask why would you give them to your dog. It’s a great way to teach customers about glucosamine and its benefits. — David Price, Fuzzy Buttz, Calera, AL
  • We had good luck with a particular toy from SPUNKY PUP, the Fly & Fetch. We had all three designs: fish, duck and eagle. It’s a launch-type toy with a built-in bungee cord, and they even float. We made a TikTok of using it, which really helped to promote it. — Kaye Busse-Kleber, Bark On Mulford, Rockford, IL
  • TALL TAILS Dream Chaser Cuddle beds. The pyramid stacking is appealing to the customer eye. — Paul Lewis The Green K9 , Mount Dora, FL
  • We did well on promo for PRIMAL and HIMALAYAN DOG CHEWS: Buy any complete dog frozen or freeze-dried diet, and get a free single or small three-pack of chews (limit three free per customer). We moved greater than 25% of the total volume of HDC chews sold this year, which meant happy customers and hopefully new buyers of both HDC and Primal! — Shane Somerville, Paddywack, Mill Creek, WA
  • Ultimate Scratching Post by SMART CAT. It had been out of stock for months, so when it restocked I ordered a dozen and sold most of them within two weeks, which is surprising since it’s a higher price tag item at $75. — Angela Velasquez, The Kitty Bodega, Houston, TX
  • UCARI Intolerance Test Kit at $74.99. Environmental allergies in the Southeast and food intolerances, in general, are something we help pet parents navigate with food and supplement changes or additions. This kit is a fantastic alternative to full-panel allergy testing costing hundreds or thousands of dollars (been there). The vet testing can come later if needed. — Pamela Modica, Lazy Creek Pet Food Center, Lexington, SC
  • DOGGIE DESIGN Wrap and Snap harnesses for all of those puppies coming in. They are fully adjustable, reasonably priced and an easy first-time harness. — Dylan Giampaolo, Woof Woof Pet Boutique & Biscuit Bar, Bristol, RI
  • THESE BAGS ARE GREAT totes continue to be a big seller. $8. — Susan Nagel-Rees, Winky’s Pet Boutique, Chester, NJ
  • vip products Mighty Whales at $19.95 each. Our store is on an island in a whale-watching area. Lots of tourists. — George Beebe, Pawki’s, Eastsound, WA


  • We partner with an anesthesia-free dental cleaning company monthly to provide onsite cleanings, and lately we’ve been filling up all of our available spots a month in advance! $165 for dogs 50 pounds and less. — Jennifer Guevin, Holistic for Pets, Sarasota, FL

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