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A crash course in one of the most vibrant areas of the pet business

PET PROS, you already love PETS+ magazine. Now, for the first time ever, we’re bringing the things you value about our revolutionary publication to a live educational event.

Hosted in Rosemont, IL, just outside Chicago, from Oct. 1-2, the PETS+ Wellness Summit gives attendees two days of action-oriented, wellness-focused education, plus the chance to shop with key vendors serving the wellness market.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from PETS+ experts about key concepts and growth opportunities in wellness — one of the most vibrant areas of the pet business. Sign up today!



Raw Raw Everywhere, But Which Brands Should I Sell? And How?

Frozen raw offers brick-and-mortar stores an excellent way to compete with Amazon and Chewy, but the growing number of brands makes deciding which to carry a challenge. There’s only so much (freezer) space! Learn how to evaluate raw pet food products, from sourcing to support, as well as how to upgrade pet parents to raw feeding.

Panelists: Billy Hoekman, Nutrition Science Director for Answers Pet Food; Gregori Lukas, CPFN, THEO (The Healthy Evolutionary Options) Pet Grocery; Lindsay Meyers, CVT, Veterinary Outreach for Primal Pet Foods; Janelle Pitula, CPFN, Wags to Whiskers.


Not Every Customer Wants to Feed Only Raw

Whether for budgetary or other reasons, those not interested in raw can still feed a high-quality food. Learn more about the best options, including supplementing with fresh and raw, and how to quickly change the conversation without making customers feel like they’re letting their pets down by not feeding raw.

Panelists: Trace Menchaca, Flying M Feed Co.


Vets vs. Indies: Does There Have to Be Conflict?

The debate over dilated cardiomyopathy causes continues, with many a veterinarian and independent pet business owner at odds. But it’s not the only heated topic causing confusion. Pet parents hear differing opinions on anesthesia-free teeth cleaning, flea and tick preventatives, and even behavioral training. Vets and indies who regularly refer to each other share how they forged positive relationships that benefit the businesses, their clients and the pets.

Panelists: Lindsay Meyers, CVT, Veterinary Outreach for Primal Pet Foods; Nancy Guinn, CPN, Dog Krazy; Trace Menchaca, Flying M Feed Co.


Oh Look, Another CBD Brand

Get expert advice on wading through the sea of CBD products to find manufacturers that align with your standards and values.

Panelists: Marilyn Good, Director of Sales, Charlotte’s Web; Mike Bateman, President, COO & Co-Founder, Green Coast Pet; Julianna Carella, CEO & Founder, Treatibles.



Selling CBD in 2020

This booming pet product category presents challenges, from educating customers to navigating the legalities to promoting on social media.

Panelists: Dr Gary Pusillo, PAS, ACAN, AAFS, HEMPVET; Angela Ardolino, Founder, CDB Dog Health, Owner, Beautify the Beast. 



Let’s (Healthy) Play

From puzzle games to training classes, how to sell in this category where products and services are a bit pricier than your average rope toy.

Panelists: Spencer Williams, President & Owner, West Paw; Ed Kaczmarek, Urban Pooch.



Old Pets, New Tricks

Dogs and cats are living longer than ever, and they need specialized products and services. All pet business types can cater to seniors.

Panelists: Chris Bessent, DVM, MSOM, Dipl. OM, L.Ac., Founder of Simple Food Project and Herbsmith; Julia Rohan, Rover-Time Dog Walking and Pet Sitting; Nancy Guinn, Dog Krazy; Samantha Youngblood, Youngblood Animal Massage. 


Supplement Starter Pack

What are the must-have supplements for your store? What should you look for in products? How do you recommend and sell them to customers. Learn the basics so you can take advantage of this growing segment.

Panelists: Chris Bessent, DVM, MSOM, Dipl. OM, L.Ac., Founder of Simple Food Project and Herbsmith.