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Super-Cute Cat Buttons … and More Business-Boosting Products for July-August

Who could resist these adorable cat ornaments by Lili Chin?




Cute as a Button

Who could resist these adorable cat buttons by LILI CHIN? They come in 29 different breeds/coat patterns, from Abyssinian to tuxedo, with each drawn in the artist’s whimsical style. The pinback metal buttons measure 1-1/4 inches. Chin also captures birds, dogs and bunnies with her Doggie Drawings line.


Hippity Hoppity Fun 

Wally got a book deal! The Instagram-famous rabbit and his human, Molly Prottas, have released WALLY: THE LIFE OF A PUNNY BUNNY. In it, the English Angora muses on topics from riding a “chew chew train” to singing “carrot-oke.” Kids and adults will like this puntastic photo book. 



Adura Max vinyl flooring

Pet-Proof Flooring

Concrete need not be the only flooring option for pet stores. ADURA MAX vinyl products feature a waterproof core to combat puddles and an aluminum-oxide surface protection to resist wear, scratches and stains. DIYers also will love the “click” installation that does not require adhesive.

$4.50 per square foot (uninstalled)


Namaste Here With My Dog

Some people meditate. Others find inner peace by spending time with their pets. This “DOG IS MY ZEN” tote appeals to the latter. The 16-by-16-inch cotton canvas bag from the DOG IS GOOD gift and apparel brand is lined and has an interior zippered pocket. 


Dog decals from Fowl Dog

Proud Pup Parents

Enthusiasts can share their love of a particular breed from behind the wheel, thanks to FOWL DOG. These dog decals come in a range of breeds, with each getting its own stylish design — among the offerings are an argyle American Staffordshire terrier, a paisley Great Dane, a plaid dachshund and a diamond French bulldog.



This article originally appeared in the July-August 2017 edition of PETS+.

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