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SuperZoo Offers Virtual Connectivity of Brands and Retailers

The goal is to increase brand visibility, connectivity and sales.




(PRESS RELEASE) WPA365 announces an immersive and virtual-reality-inspired marketplace tailored to the WPA and SuperZoo audiences. Designed to offer real-time connectivity to vendors and retailers 24/7 and year-round, WPA365 offers exhibitors a collaborative experience, ultimately positioning exhibitors to have an extensive reach to buyers that can help them boost brand visibility, connectivity and sales.

Through a combination of virtual, interactive experiences, exhibitors of WPA365 will appreciate the engagement of this curated marketplace. Among the features it includes are:

  • Immersive and interactive virtual booths with “Like” or “Add to Favorites” options
  • Multimedia and content-rich zones for dedicated brand-specific social media
  • Live webinars and pre-recorded sessions and the ability to conduct demos of products
  • Embeddable event apps or links plus live-chat options through chat forums
  • Small, medium, large and custom-size booth options to meet brand-specific needs
  • New product showcase feature for debut to buyers in additional exposure opportunity
  • Promotion resource center to help engage lead generation and brand exposure

The experience of WPA365 was created to help vendors reposition their brands, reconnect with retailers and reimagine how they do business in response to unexpected changes in the global marketplace. Despite these unexpected changes, the need to connect with merchants remains the same. Keeping this in mind, WPA365 is an essential addition for vendors to introduce into their selling strategies, helping to deliver brands a variety of benefits that include:

  • 24/7 connectivity to retailers
  • Real-time analytics and data
  • Guaranteed ROI and revenue builder
  • Highlighted opportunities to showcase products
  • Personalized ways to customize virtual booths
  • Exhibitor enhancement programs from OneBark and FetchFind

“We’re thrilled to offer engaging, interactive experiences between vendors, retailers, industry leaders and more through the WPA365 platform. Having ongoing engagement between our face-to-face events, including SuperZoo, and introducing new ways for vendors and retailers to connect between these experiences helps to meet the demands of our modern, evolving global marketplace,” said Vic Mason, interim president of WPA.

The business of pets stops for no one, and WPA365 positions your brand to become connected to retailers despite any challenges that may unexpectedly get in the way. Details in coming weeks will expand upon this valuable connectivity, where companies can explore sponsorship opportunities, enhanced booth options, how-to-videos and more. If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, email




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