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Sure Petcare U.S. Survey Results Show Impact of Pandemic on Pet Owner Behavior

Pet owners express interest in the benefits of pet technology.




ANIMO Pet Behavior Monitor

(PRESS RELEASE) MADISON, NJ – Sure Petcare, the pet technology specialist, announced U.S. survey results, which showed noticeable changes in the relationship between dog owners and dogs during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The survey indicated that pet owners, who now work from home, are concerned about leaving their pets once they eventually return to the office.

Survey Results

A vast majority of pet owners (88%) said they currently spend more time with their dogs than they did before the pandemic, and 80% of participants said they played more with their dogs during this time. Over half of the respondents said that their pets were more affectionate since the pandemic, and that they saw changes in behavior or personality in their dogs.

The survey also showed that while dogs were left home alone for as many as 5-8 hours (53%) prior to the pandemic, only 19% where left home alone during the pandemic. In the study, dog owners expressed concern about how their relationship will change with their dog when return to work. Some 60% said they knew their routine would change and they were worried that it might have a significant negative impact on their dog’s behavior and personality.

Over half of the respondents (57%) were concerned that returning to work would increase their dog’s anxiety; 19% said they were worried about increased barking and 18% were worried about overall health implications, such as increased heart rate due to anxiety.

Almost 70% of respondents said they were open to monitoring their dog’s behavior and fitness via a device that would help them stay more connected to their dog while they were away from the home.

“As the bond between pet owners and their pets continues to grow, more and more are turning to technology to stay in tune with their pet’s fitness and overall health, much like they monitor their own well-being,” said David Hallas, DVM, managing director, Sure Petcare. “Sure Petcare’s ANIMO® Pet Behavior Monitor provides early indications of changes to normal patterns, such as eating, sleeping and physical activity.”

About the Product

Weighing just 0.77 ounces, the ANIMO Pet Behavior Monitor is waterproof, collar mounted and uses Bluetooth technology to set and monitor daily activity goals for pet owners on their mobile device. Key features of ANIMO and the SURE PETCARE app include highlighting significant increases in barking, scratching and shaking; setting and monitoring daily activity and calorie burn goals; viewing nightly sleep quality reports; and seeing the amount of rest a dog gets during the day.



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