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Swees Introduces Eazee by Foolee Click & Brush




(Press Release) NEW YORK CITY, NY – Ask practically any pet parent and they’ll tell you they love everything about their pet except the shedding. Dogs and cats leave excess hair everywhere unless they’re frequently groomed with a deshedding tool.

However, many tools have sharp metal edges that can scratch parents, children or pets. That’s why the Eazee by Foolee Click & Brush tool was created.

Safer and gentler. Unlike ordinary metal deshedding tools, the Eazee tool features a composite plastic comb with smooth, rounded teeth. Since there’s no chance of nicking delicate skin or snagging live hair, even the most sensitive pets will enjoy being groomed every day.

Easier to use. As its name proclaims, the Eazee tool was designed for comfort and convenience. The head and contoured handle are precisely balanced, and the handy ejector button enables owners to effortlessly dispose of collected hair. Because the tool is constructed from materials with anti-static properties, it won’t become covered with hair.

More effective. In addition to its pet and family-friendly features, the Eazee tool is a versatile performer. Users can adjust the deshedding comb depth for either short or long hair by simply sliding the button. The comb can be reversed to groom thick or thin hair, and different combs for intense or mild grooming are also included.


Exclusive Click & Brush system. The Eazee handle can also be used with a range of interchangeable, professional quality grooming tools for every at-home grooming need.

“We are extremely pleased to introduce this internationally acclaimed deshedding and grooming system to the United States,” comments Eddy Cathaud, CEO of Swees America, creators of the Eazee by Foolee line. “Now retailers have a safer, gentler, more stylish alternative to offer their customers.”

The Eazee deshedding tool is available in six designer colors and in large, medium and small sizes for dogs. A tool for cats that comes in six colors is also available. To learn more, retailers are invited to visit or email

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