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Take Our Quiz to Identify the Animal Stars of Some Christmas Cinema Classics

Beware of spoilers.





In NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION, Clark Griswold’s “best Christmas ever” goes up against — among other disasters — his cousin Eddie’s Rottweiler. The dog drinks the water from the Christmas tree, which subsequently catches fire, and causes mayhem while chasing a squirrel. Only Cousin Eddie could have come up with such a name for a Rottie. What was it?


Ever notice when watching IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE that Uncle Billy’s pet raven is always there when George receives the worst news or is at his lowest point? What was the raven’s name?


True fans of THE SIMPSONS can look back to the animated series’ first episode in 1989 — a Christmas special — to learn the origin story of the family’s dog, Santa’s Little Helper. Doing so reveals what breed he is. Can you name the breed without digging out your VHS tapes? (Or … ahem … without looking at the photo above …)


While the neighbors’ dogs in A CHRISTMAS STORY went unnamed (OK, so the father had some choice names for them), their actions — specifically eating the Christmas turkey — resulted in the Parker family’s unforgettable goose dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Who were the neighbors who owned the dogs?


No one can forget Cindy Lou Who, just as no one can forget the Grinch’s trusty companion in HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, but can anyone recall the pup’s name?

Answers: 1. Snot | 2. Jimmy. The animal actor who played him appeared in more than 1,000 feature films from the 1930s to the 1950s. | 3. Greyhound. Homer tries betting his earnings at the track to make money for Christmas presents. Instead of placing his bet on the sure money-winner, he takes Santa’s Little Helper’s name as a sign. SLH finishes dead last, is booted out in the cold by his owner, and Homer and Bart recognize him for the Simpson he turns out to be.| 4. The Bumpus family | 5. Max




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