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New foraging mats and chew provide enrichment and endless play for our four-legged friends.

Every pet parent wants the best for their pups — and that’s why Tall Tails, manufacturers of toys, bedding and chews — has introduced some imaginative new products designed to enrich the lives of our
beloved pets while also helping to increase those market baskets!


When it comes to mealtime, Tall Tails Foraging Mats are designed to make it more fun than ever! Dogs are foragers by nature, and these mats satisfy a dog’s instinctual desire to explore. With three new designs including River Rock, Spring Clover and Grassy Meadow, each 8” x 9” mat is made from 100% food grade silicone that contains no BPA or phthalates. Use them with any type of food, including kibble, canned, frozen, raw or home-cooked meals. You can even use them with spreadables and treats! Dishwasher safe makes for easy cleanup post mealtime. These mats feature overlapping edges so they can be easily joined together to create a truly unique eating landscape. Suction cups on the bottom of each mat keeps them safely in place!

From left to right: Spring Clover, Grassy Meadow, and River Rock, from Tall Tails slow down the feeding process and add fun to a dog’s mealtime. They also satisfy a dog’s natural desire to forage. With a touch, Foraging Mats connect together to create a unique feeding landscape.
MSRP: $19.99 (One Size, 8” x 9”)


Dogs love to chew, and Tall Tails’ new Shroom Chew features cool textures and movement, taking treat time to a whole new level! With its unique mushroom shape, steamed-in-bacon scent and an assortment of dimples, ridges and grooves, the Shroom Chew is perfect for adding spreadable or soft treats. Plus, this toy wobbles, rocks and spins for additional fun and entertainment. And don’t forget the extra dental benefits that come from using a Tall Tails Chew!

With its fun textures and movement, the Shroom Chew is perfect for rewarding engagement!
MSRP: $17.99 (One Size, 4”)




Tall Tails products help dogs to thrive. Founded in 1933 as a newborn bedding and apparel company, the company brings the same care in manufacturing some of the pet industry’s best bedding, blankets, chews and toys. With a passion for pets, Tall Tails is committed to quality manufacturing, design innovation and exceptional customer service with a focus on the independent pet retailer. Tall Tails does not sell to big box retailers and fosters an environment designed to add value to its distributor and retail partners and its local pet communities.


Because Tall Tails Foraging Mats and Shroom Chew work with any variety of foods or treats, they’re terrific for add-on sales. Perfect for cross-selling with every kind of pet food and treats including kibble, canned food, soft treats, bully sticks and more, keep them near your food section. Like all Tall Tails products, descriptive packaging clearly marks each products’ attributes.


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