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TEEF! Inventor Takes Grand Prize

Prize is $15,000.




Emily Stein, CEO of Primal Health, won the grand prize at the Leap Pet Project pitch competition.

(PRESS RELEASE) Emily Stein, CEO of Primal Health, won the $15,000 grand prize at this year’s Leap Pet Project pitch competition introducing her company’s newest breakthrough dental care innovation, TEEF!

The competition is sponsored by Leap Venture Studios, which is a division of Michelson Found Animals Foundation and Kinship and Mars Pet Care, formed to support the latest innovations in the pet industry. More than 80 companies from around the world applied to be one of six finalists to pitch at SuperZoo.

“We’re honored to be recognized as an innovation leader in the pet care industry; there are so many exciting new start-ups in pet and we are excited that dental health is at the forefront,” Stein said.

Bad breath is a cry for health. It’s the first sign of dental disease, which can shorten a dog’s lifespan by a third. Primal Health is a life sciences company that has launched its pet dental care brand, TEEF!, to target the root cause of it all: bad bacteria. TEEF!’s patented prebiotic formula, Protektin42, is powered by science that’s been clinically proven to stop bacteria from causing dental disease in both humans (tested for 8 years) and dogs (tested for 4 years). The company uses only 100 percent safe, concentrated ingredients that naturally function like a molecular toothbrush when added to drinking water. It’s a low-calorie, mess-free, hassle free, human-grade water additive that cleans your pet’s mouth every time they drink.

TEEF! is a labor of love Emily Stein originally developed to help her own grandmother maintain better dental hygiene. After witnessing both her grandmother and senior rescue pup experience life-threatening health issues from dental care neglect, Stein knew she needed to develop and innovate. Her extensive background in microbiology and immunology, combined with her passion to improve the health of people and pets, is changing the game.




NASC Media Spotlight

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