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The Company of Animals Introduces the New & Improved Baskerville Ultra Muzzle




(PRESS RELEASE) DAVENPORT, FL – With warmer weather upon us, it’s only natural to see more and more people out and about with their pets. Whether it’s a morning run, a trip to the dog park or veterinary check-up, pet parents want to feel confident that when their dog is accompanying them, their dog is safe and comfortable. Helping instill dog confidence for pet parents has been a goal of The Company of Animals since their founding in 1979. Dr. Roger Mugford and his team made strides toward this goal as one of the first to successfully design a dog-friendly muzzle that is both humane and durable more than 20 years ago, thereby creating the world famous Baskerville and Baskerville Ultra Muzzles for dogs.

Now redesigned with two new features, the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle maintains the humane qualities that pet parents and dog trainers expect, especially those most unique to the Baskerville Ultra, including the ability for a dog wearing the Baskerville to take treats, eat, drink and pant. New to the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle, however, are enhancements that provide greater ease of use to pet parents and comfort to their dogs

The first feature is a durable head strap that boasts an easily adjustable resistance slider, ensuring that the Muzzle will stay on your dog securely and sits comfortably in place. Additionally, the Baskerville Ultra’s neck strap now sports a quick-release buckle allowing you to attach and detach your dog’s muzzle with ease and speed. Like its predecessor, the new Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is constructed from durable thermoplastic rubber with a soft neoprene lining at critical points of contact for extra comfort. In keeping with The Company of Animals’ primary belief that animal welfare always comes first, the patented design allows dogs to pant, drink and even take treats while wearing the muzzle, unlike other muzzles currently on the market.

The newly redesigned Baskerville Ultra Muzzle line is available in six sizes to fit dogs of practically all breeds and sizes, including those with shorter noses. For even more personalization, the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle can also be molded with warm water to fit the shape and size of your dog. Simply submerge the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle in hot water, wait for the muzzle to be warm to the touch, and mold the muzzle to fit your dog. Once shaped, allow the muzzle to completely cool before your first use. To see these product enhancements, retailers are encouraged to visit The Company of Animals SuperZoo booth, #6127. There they also have the opportunity to see The Company of Animals new rebranding and interact with an RFID video station displaying digitally rendered features and benefits of the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle and other Company of Animals products.




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