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The Company of Animals Releases Updated Halti Headcollar




(PRESS RELEASE) DAVENPORT, FL – One of the largest training and behavioral problems facing pet parents has for many years been getting their dogs to stop pulling on their leash. In 1979, world renowned pet psychologist, Owner and Founder of The Company of Animals, Dr. Roger Mugford was the first to correct this problem with the original no-pull headcollar; a solution inspired by leading his horses on his farm in Surrey, England. Today, more than 40 years later, The Company of Animals, true to their trailblazing reputation, is proudly releasing the 5th generation of their world-famous, Halti Headcollar, completely designed to improve the no-pull training function, with enhanced comfort and headcollar stability for dogs, helping pet parents stay in control while keeping dogs comfortable on their leash.

Through research and development, the new Halti Headcollar has been redesigned with consumers and their pets in mind. Among its many advantages, the Halti Headcollar is now equipped with a fully padded, neoprene band for ultimate comfort around the dog’s nose. Straps and fittings on the headcollar are have also been reengineered with improved stability so that the band sits securely on the dog’s nose without slipping out of place, or into their eyes. This unique construction allows for a firm yet comfortable pressure to be applied each time a dog pulls on their lead; when the pressure is applied, their action is gently corrected and the dog is encouraged to walk without pulling.  For improved visibility in low-light settings, the Halti Headcollar features reflective stitching throughout.

With these improvements, the Halti Headcollar was put through numerous consumer tests, which resulted in more than 92% of pet parents experiencing an immediate improvement in their dogs not pulling on the lead. To see these product enhancements and for a glimpse at the Company of Animals new branding, retailers are encouraged to visit the Company of Animals SuperZoo booth, #6127. There they also have the opportunity to see the Company of Animals new rebranding and interact with an RFID video station displaying digitally rendered features and benefits of the Headcollar and other Company of Animals products.



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