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This bathroom sign is so dark, and yet so funny. Truly selfie-worthy.

Video surveillance signs are about the least friendly thing imaginable. Except this one.

This sign pretty emphatically answers a question groomers regularly get.

This urban store’s signage stops traffic without saying a word.

This Domino’s Pizza franchisee certainly knows how to get people’s attention.

Behold, what simply must be the best smoking-area sign ever.

Nobody wants a sea of butts on the ground around their ornamental fish pond. This retailer’s sign makes the point without nagging.

You’ve seen the shoplifting sign about winning a free ride in a police car? Here’s a funnier, and pet-specific, twist.

Don’t you think all stripmall signs should have such personality? Or any kind of personality at all. We’ll miss you, “The Sign!”

Is the signage at your local dog park this much fun? It should be.

For some pet pros, sweaty cash is one of the top occupational gross-outs.

Another version of this, because we like the phrase “boob money”.

This warning against letting children run wild in your business probably rings familiar. (But still should get a smile.)

And here’s a far fresher (and funnier) spin on the “unattended children” warning.

And one more.

Hate when people talk on the phone while at your register? Try a variation of this sign.

A winning sidewalk sign … replace “Nice drinks” with “Fun for your pets”.

And here’s another sidewalk sign variation that presents passersby with the starkest of choices.

Here’s the perfect Lionel Richie meme to place next to your current hot seller.

The Darkest Toilet Rules List Ever … and 18 More Extremely Funny Retailer Signs