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From private label products to digital assets, American Pet Works delivers all the goods

American manufacturing is on a roll. By early 2022, the U.S. had recovered most manufacturing jobs lost early in the pandemic and was adding tens of thousands more every month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Tangled supply chains, international tensions and fast-rising shipping and fuel costs are all powering this resurgence.

Team up with American Pet Works, a new venture from the same people that brought you BuddyRest dog beds. With more than a decade of experience and a dedication to innovation, American Pet Works is part of our nation’s manufacturing resurgence.

Manufacturing’s revival is happening even as the technology, service and information sectors continue to grow. American Pet Works – powered by the same people who developed the BuddyRest line of dog beds – stands at this intersection of tradition and innovation, helping retailers and brands meet diverse needs ranging from private label goods to product design, finishing and warehousing.

Using advanced scanning technology, American Pet Works digitizes your products for “View in My Space” and other augmented reality experiences.

“There’s definitely a renewed enthusiasm for domestically made and domestically finished products,” says Trevor Crotts, founder of BuddyRest and chief executive officer of American Pet Works. “Over the years, we’ve found ourselves with a pretty cool dog bed business, but we saw an opportunity to create something that was really going to help people in the pet industry.” American Pet Works is the result.

“If you’re looking at dog beds, collars, supplements or CBD products, we have a solution for you,” says Crotts. “Whatever you want to make, it can be made in the USA and it can be affordably done, and at low minimum order quantities.” American Pet Works has more than a decade of experience manufacturing award-winning products at its plant in Wichita, KS, and it also has some of the industry’s most technologically advanced equipment for digital product development.

Although the pet industry has traditionally lagged a bit behind other sectors in embracing technology, “that needs to change and we’re here to help change it,” Crotts adds. With its advanced scanning technology, American Pet Works can create full suites of digital assets, from product photography to 3-D printing to augmented reality.

Think you’re too small for private label goods? American Pet Works makes them affordable and accessible, with low minimum order quantities.

The pet industry is serving a younger demographic, especially in the wake of the pandemic pet adoption wave. “Where are your customers and how can you create amazing experiences for them?” Crotts asks. “You can either ride the wave or get swallowed by it, and we’re here to teach you how to surf.”

“Even though we use incredibly innovative technology, a lot of what we do is a throwback to times past where you had to roll up the sleeves and build things by hand,” says Crotts. “We stand on the shoulders of the great American manufacturers that built this country, and we’re carrying that flag into the future, no matter what the future holds.”

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