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Honest Kitchen Adopts the Better Chicken Commitment

The Better Chicken Commitment is a science-based chicken welfare policy.




(PRESS RELEASE) SAN DIEGO — The Honest Kitchen announced that it has formally made the Better Chicken Commitment alongside more than 200 human food companies determined to improve the lives of farm animals. The Honest Kitchen is the first pet food company offering products through major pet retailers to make the Better Chicken Commitment. With guidance from the ASPCA, The Honest Kitchen has worked for more than a year with its chicken suppliers to ensure Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Certification on a number of products and continues to work in phases with suppliers to meet the Better Chicken Commitment standards by 2024.

The Better Chicken Commitment is a science-based chicken welfare policy that addresses animal welfare issues related to breeding for fast growth and high yield, housing conditions, stocking density and slaughter. The Honest Kitchen first began using free-range chicken in 2009, a decision that has been celebrated by consumers, retailers and distributor partners throughout the industry. The company only uses non-GMO produce in its products and certified organic grains, seeds and nuts in its dehydrated line. Lucy Postins, The Honest Kitchen’s founder & chief integrity officer, stated, “As we continue to work toward further raising the bar for quality standards and responsible sourcing from farmers who care and who adhere to more humane husbandry practices, we’re making the Better Chicken Commitment as a way to truly cement our purchasing policies and to go even further in ensuring elevated welfare standards.”

“We began working with the ASPCA last year in a nationwide effort to help drive higher welfare practices. As such, by 2024, we will source 100% of our chickens from farms that have earned GAP Certification, and we will require that all our chickens are processed using a multi-step CAS processing system, which is widely considered more humane,” continued Postins.

“Consumer demand for a more humane, accountable food system is strong — and this includes products that are purchased for pets,” said Julia Johnson, manager, Farm Animal Welfare at the ASPCA. “We are proud to see The Honest Kitchen making positive change through their commitment to supporting better welfare practices and encourage other pet food brands to follow suit.”

The Honest Kitchen plans to achieve the Better Chicken Commitment by using a phased approach, starting with the company’s chicken recipes in its dehydrated line, Proper Toppers and Parmesan Pecks cookies, with the goal of these products achieving GAP Certification, which is recognized by the ASPCA, by the end of 2021. The company’s chicken recipes in Whole Food Clusters, wet food lines and other treats will all be GAP certified by 2024.

According to a recent public opinion survey completed six months into the pandemic, 72% of survey participants who recently heard about health and safety problems or animal welfare issues in factory farming reported seeking out alternative food sources, with many shifting to products with more assurance of animal welfare. These consumers will soon have more options when seeking out pet food that aligns with their values. Once certified, The Honest Kitchen’s products will be included on the ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart Brand List for pet owners looking for better options for their dogs and cats.




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