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The New Gen7 Commuter Pet Carrier + Car Seat Is Crash-Tested and Pet Approved




(PRESS RELEASE) ELVERSON, PA – Whether it is a quick visit to the store or a cross-country excursion, more people are traveling with their animal companions by their side. Joy riding with Fido or Fluffy can be fun; but is it safe? Gen7Pets is on a mission to make every car ride a safe one. The launch of the smart, secure, and stylish Gen7 Commuter Pet Carrier + Car Seat provides pet families with the peace of mind they deserve while traveling. Gen7 Commuter has gone through rigorous testing to meet the highest standards for safety to reduce pet exposure to potential risk during car travel. 

According to the Automobile Club of America, 84% of all dog owners travel with their pets unrestrained in the car. In addition to being a major distraction to the driver, not properly restraining a pet leaves them vulnerable in the case of an accident. For those who do use a restraint, it’s important to note that there are currently no performance standards or test protocols to verify manufacturers’ claims that their crates and carriers are safe 

While many companies talk about safety, or even hope for it, Gen7 Pets go above and beyond to test for it. Using a university based, independent testing facility, Gen7Pets performed a Dynamic Crash test. Using requirements established by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 213 for child restraint systems, the Dynamic Crash test utilizes a sled to replicate conditions of a car accident.  Created specifically to mimic the proportions of a real dog, a manufactured dog rode in the Gen7 Commuter during the test.  The Gen7 Commuter not only passed the test, but received the highest safety rating available; 5-Star by the consumer advocacy non-profit Center for Pet Safety. 

To see the video of the crash test, please see the Gen7Pets website: or specifically here.

“The test evidence indicates that Gen7 Pets has completed ample due diligence on its Commuter carrier to achieve the highest crash test rating from Center for Pet Safety,” stated Lindsey Wolko, Center for Pet Safety founder. “This is an outstanding achievement proving the Commuter is an elite performing pet travel carrier and offers protection to all vehicle passengers, including those with four legs.”

To view the Gen7 Commuter Certification Test on the Center for Pet Safety website, please visit here.


In addition to earning Top Honors from the reputable Center for Pet Safety Organization, the Commuter is approved for use on most major airlines. Whether in a vehicle or flying the skies, travel can make many animals feel anxious. Thankfully, the Gen7 Commuter gives furry friends the security and comfort they need. Proper containment allows animals to feel more comfortable and the smart-comfort pad gives pets an amazingly soft and cozy place to rest. 

Features of the Gen7 Commuter Pet Carrier + Car Seat Include:

  • Especially designed to utilize the seat belt latch and shoulder strap and to assist in restraining the carrier during car travel.
  • Employ the shoulder strap around the head rest to aid in stability.
  • Suitable for pets up to 20 lbs.
  • Smart comfort pad is easy to clean and machine washable.
  • Easily transfers in and out of vehicle.
  • Sturdy structure won’t collapse when seat belt is applied.
  • Durable seat belt latch keeps carrier in proper position.
  • Heavy duty hardware.
  • Padded shoulder strap and easy tote handle options.

Overall Dimensions: 18” long x 11” high x 11” wide

Colors: Black (Model G2519BL), Burgundy (Model G2519BU)

Maximum Weight: 20 lbs.

Gen7Pets recognizes that while there are no federal regulations on car safety for pets, our ethos demands a high standard. That’s why we only utilize independently tested National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) contracted test facilities and test at conditions used for children. 




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