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These Are the Most Pet-Friendly US Vacation Spots




The list comes from RewardExpert.

A new list examines the most pet-friendly vacation destinations in the U.S.

Tampa, FL, comes in at No. 1 overall in the report from RewardExpert, which analyzes 53 of the largest cities across the country. Tampa has more pet-friendly hotels per capita than any of the other cities the company looked at.

San Francisco is No. 2, followed by Miami, FL; Washington, D.C.; and Atlanta, GA.

“Traveling with a pet is a hassle,” says RewardExpert CEO Roman Shteyn. “It requires an extra layer of planning. Families need to not only make sure their pet will have a place to stay, but that they will be able to bring it along on various activities while visiting a city. After all, travelers don’t want to bring their dog along on vacation just to leave her cooped up in some hotel room.”


The report is based on 10 metrics broken down into three key dimensions: pet needs, pet recreation and city profile. An aggregate score was used to determine which cities are most accommodating for the whole family, including any four-legged family members. RewardExpert also found the best cities based on specific pet-friendly categories, like hiking and playing catch.

Additional key findings:

  • Miami comes in a third overall, but it ranks at the top when it comes to what a pet needs. There are more pet stores and veterinarians per capita than any other city analyzed. Miami also has the most pet-friendly restaurants and cafes per capita.
  • Atlanta scored consistently well across each category, with the number of veterinarians per capita as a standout category.
  • Portland, OR, is tops for playing catch.  The city scored consistently well across all 10 of RewardExpert’s indicators, but Portland particularly shines when comes to green space for furry family members. There are eight dog parks per 100,000 residents.
  • El Paso, TX, is the runt of the litter, ranking last, RewardExpert found that El Paso lacks pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants and recreation activities.

RewardExpert is a free service that helps travelers maximize their airline miles and points.

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