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These Dental Care Brands Give Retailers and Pet Parents What They Want

They focus on ease of use, efficacy, innovation and ingredients with their products.





IN THIS ISSUE’S Retailer Wishlist, on the next page, common needs and wants include dental products that are easy to use and effective. Retailers also have specific requests regarding innovation and ingredients. When we talked to leaders in the category, it became clear that they are listening and ready to meet demand.

Adding It In

INCLOVER RESEARCH President and Founder Rebecca Rose understands that not all pets tolerate brushing well. “While brushing your dog or cat’s teeth is the aspiration, it is not easy,” she says, adding that alternatives provide a solution for those pets by making dental care a simple part of the daily routine. They must be effective, though, and Rose says of InClover’s food additive. “BioBrilliant has the right amount of abrasive action for enamel while the dental enzymes work as a natural mouthwash. The cold water kelp makes the tartar and plaque porous for a complete cleanse.” And doesn’t turn pets away from their bowl. “BioBrilliant is a 100% active powder that sprinkles over the food and naturally tastes good to both dogs and cats.”

Derek Archambault, vice president of marketing at FOODSCIENCE, agrees with the need for alternatives to brushing. “Retailers and consumers are looking for clinically proven dental health products and an easy regimen to follow with their pets. VetriScience Perio Support is easy to administer and measure intake,” he says, adding that it’s “clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup within 28 days.”


Treating Dental Issues

Taking the idea of alternatives a step further, NPIC Sales Director Sam Chen points out that the dental treat and chew class needs to offer variety within as well. “Retailers are really looking for something that’s innovative, unique, and different from the many types of ‘bones’ on the market. It doesn’t mean that the dental bone will lose its appeal. It will continue to be mainstream and every brand player in this category will bring out exciting, cool and functional shapes that pique consumers’ interest. We launched the N-Bone Adult Dental Ring by leveraging the unique shape that we know is popular and giving it a new formula that’s appropriate for the adult life stage and the dental health needs.” He explains why such variety appeals to pet parents, too. “Humans are the ones making the initial purchase decision. Just like how we are always intrigued by new flavors, packaging, product formats, etc. and looking for cleaner labels when shopping for ourselves, we adopt the same mindset when shopping for our pets.” He also hears the requests on ingredients. “From the formula perspective, we see the continued push for a more streamlined, cleaner ingredient deck. That’s why we only keep what’s necessary. Admittedly, we were not able to keep the number of ingredients under 10 like with our other products, but hey, we included four different natural herbs — alfalfa, fennel, peppermint and parsley — to ensure the ring can really achieve the breath freshening.”

Making Brushing Easier

Johnna Devereaux approaches dental care from multiple professional fronts. She serves as chief nutrition officer and vice president of marketing for BOW WOW LABS and also owns Fetch RI, a pet supply store in Richmond, RI. She helped the company create a toothbrush that makes brushing easier and quicker for everyone involved. “Our 4in1 Toothbrush allows pet parents the ability to easily brush all sides of a pet’s teeth, down to the gumline, in under 20 seconds!” And the company’s toothpaste also ticks boxes for her fellow store owners.”Retailers want something that has no taste (no flavoring) and no odor (no scent), as both can deter a pet from accepting it in their mouth. For these reasons, we selected a gentle yet effective ingredient panel for our Bow Wow Labs Toothpaste Gel that includes Manuka honey, sage, aloe, parsley and glucose oxidase, to name a few.” Devereaux also provides a sneak peek at the company’s next innovation. “The Epic Chew is a gluten-free, grain-free product made from wholefood nutrition that is highly digestible and highly palatable. It delivers, on average, over 20 minutes of chew time, which means besides offering the oral health benefits of chewing, it provides mental stimulation, too. Look for the Epic Chew to launch early Q3.”



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