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These States Have the Most Dog and Cat Owners … And These States Have the Least

The US is home to almost as many domestic pets as humans.




A new report looks at which U.S. states are the most pet-loving., a website devoted to providing information to seniors, delved into recent data from the American Veterinary Medical Association to create its rankings.

Idaho had the highest rate of households owning at least one dog, at 58.3%, according to the report, which excluded Alaska and Hawaii, which were not measured in the AVMA study. Dogs are least common in Washington, DC, where 22.5% of households have at least one.

Vermont ranked first for percentage of households with at least one cat, at 44.6%. DC, meanwhile, is the least cat-owning place, with just 16.4% of households being home to a cat.


The U.S. is home to almost as many domestic pets as human beings. Almost 1 in 3 of those pets are fish, explains.

Cats and dogs combine for about 54.8% of all domestic pets.



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