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This Firm Is Developing Cell-Cultured Meat for Pet Food




Animals would not need to be slaughtered.

A new company in Colorado is trying to develop cell-cultured meat for use in pet food.

Bond Pets wants to grow the meat from small numbers of animal cells, with no need to kill an animal, Quartz reports. Other companies are working on the same concept for consumption by humans.

Rich Kelleman, founder of Bond Pets, says growing meat in this highly controlled manner would “mitigate a lot of the safety issues” that sometimes lead to recalls in the pet-food industry.

Ryan Yamka, consultant to the pet food industry, tells Quartz that the pet food trends often mimic those occuring in the food industry at large.


“So it’s not surprising that you see what I would call the sustainable-food movement getting into the pet-food side,” he says.

It’s not clear how soon a cell-cultured pet-food product could be in the market. Kelleman says it’s conceivable that it could happen in the next couple of years.

After all, Hampton Creek, a company working on cell-cultured meat for humans, hopes to bring a product to market next year. 

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