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This Is the ‘Naughtiest’ Dog Breed … and This Is the Nicest

A new list ranks breeds based on how much they bark.




Beautiful, but naughty: The Samoyed topped the chart as the “naughtiest” dog in Furbo’s rankings.

A new list ranks the “naughtiest” and “nicest” dog breeds based on how much they bark, People magazine reports.

The roster comes from Furbo, which makes an interactive pet camera with treat dispenser.

Furbo “is able to get an idea of these numbers thanks to its product, which can alert owners via a phone notification that their dog is barking,” according to People.

The Samoyed ranks as the naughtiest dog, barking more than 52 times a day on average, according to Furbo.

The nicest, or at least quietest, dogs are Bernese Mountain Dogs. They bark about three times per day, Furbo has found.

Take a look at the full list here.


James Ritchie is the online content editor for SmartWork Media.

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