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Tiki Cat Debuts Baby Lifestage Nutrition Range for Kittens Under One Year

The line features four new formulas aligned with young felines’ developing nutritional and digestive needs.





(PRESS RELEASE) ST. LOUIS — Tiki Cat has launched a new range of food products that will help kitties get started on the right paw. New Tiki Cat Baby offers lifestage nutrition formulated to meet the complex dietary requirements of kittens ranging in age from newborn to 12 months.

The line features four new formulas aligned with young felines’ developing nutritional and digestive needs, taking them from nursing to weaning to eating whole foods on their own. The Tiki Cat Baby range complements the existing Tiki Cat mousse for kittens and includes:

  • TIKI CAT BABY THRIVE – An innovative easy-to-lick liquid energy supplement for kittens ages newborn and up that are underweight or losing weight. Formulated so that even the youngest baby kitties can consume and digest it, Tiki Cat Baby Thrive is high in protein from real chicken, liver, and easily digestible egg. It contains 28 percent fat and 25 calories in each tiny packet to promote healthy weight gain and increase energy among the littlest carnivores.
  • TIKI CAT BABY MOUSSE & SHREDS – For kittens 4 weeks and older, Baby Mousse & Shreds is formulated to help transition from mother’s milk. The perfect starter food for weaning kittens, its delicate layers of mousse and finely shredded poultry are easy on tiny teeth and gums, while easy-to-digest liver and egg is appealing to eat and is gentle on young tummies. Added prebiotics further aid digestion. The formula also includes supplemental taurine and balanced calcium and phosphorus to support healthy development during early growth, as well as DHA for brain development. Tiki Cat Baby Mousse & Shreds is available in a tasty Chicken, Salmon & Chicken Liver Recipe.
  • TIKI CAT BABY CHICKEN & SALMON RECIPE and TIKI CAT BABY CHICKEN & EGG RECIPE – These two formulas are whole foods recipes that provide complete nutrition for kittens from 8 weeks to 1 year. Ultra-high in protein and fat, these wet foods provide extra hydration to support growing carnivores. DHA promotes healthy brain development, and added taurine assures young felines get enough of this essential amino acid.

“Kittens under 1 year make up 13 percent of the cat population (Packaged Facts), and these babies have very specialized nutritional needs,” said Ann Hudson, vice president of marketing for Tiki Pets. “To support their rapid growth, kittens need more energy from fat, protein building blocks, prebiotics and appropriately balanced ratios of calcium and phosphorous.

“A kitten’s diet also must be more nutrient dense, because tiny stomachs can’t hold as much food,” added Hudson. “The Tiki Cat Baby range has been formulated to meet these requirements, while being made with delicious real proteins like chicken and salmon that will entice young kitties to eat.”

  • Tiki Cat Baby Thrive is available in Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe, with an MSRP of $9.99 for a pouch of 20 .28-oz. servings.
  • Tiki Cat Baby Mousse & Shreds is available at $4.99 MSRP for a pack of 3 1.9-oz. cans.
  • Tiki Cat Baby Chicken & Salmon has an MSRP of $1.69 per 2.4-oz. can.
  • Tiki Cat Baby Chicken & Egg has an MSRP of $1.69 per 2.4-oz. can.

For more information on Tiki Cat Baby, please visit Tiki Cat Baby for Kittens – Tiki Pets.




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