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Tiki Cat Launches Wet Food for Senior Cats 11+

The line includes 3 recipes.





(PRESS RELEASE) ST. LOUIS – Cats are living longer, and as they age, their nutritional needs continue to change and evolve. Even traditional “senior” cat food recipes may not offer the protein content and other functional nutrients required by geriatric felines once they reach the age of 11 or older.

To help the oldest kitties remain healthy and thriving in their silver years, Tiki Pets has introduced Tiki Cat Silver, a new range of wet food that offers customized nutrition for senior cats 11+. The line includes 3 recipes with meat as their #1 ingredient, all in a tasty, hydrating broth:

  • Tiki Cat Silver Mousse & Shreds with Chicken, Duck & Duck Liver Recipe in Broth – Soft layers of mousse & tiny poultry shreds, with real chicken as the number one ingredient.
  • Tiki Cat Silver Whole Foods with Chicken Recipe in Chicken Broth – High-quality protein and fat from real shredded chicken and sunflower & tuna oils.
  • Tiki Cat Silver Whole Foods with Tuna & Mackerel Recipe in Tuna Broth – High-quality protein and fat from flaked tuna and mackerel, and sunflower & tuna oils.

All Tiki Cat Silver recipes are formulated to give older cats nutrients that become increasingly important as they age, such as high protein to maintain weight and muscle mass, and optimal omegas to support strong immune systems. The food has a soft texture that’s easy on aging teeth and gums, as well as an appetite-stimulating meaty flavor, so elderly cats will be encouraged to eat and get the nutrition they need.

“As cats begin to age their protein requirements decline, but once they get very old their ability to digest protein and fat becomes impaired, so they actually start needing more protein in their diet,” explained Ann Hudson, vice president of marketing for Tiki Pets. “Unlike traditional senior recipes, Tiki Cat Silver offers larger amounts of high-quality, easily digestible protein and fat, which is one way it is customized to the nutritional needs of cats 11 and older.”

Other ingredients in Tiki Cat Silver also provide specialized nutrition for geriatric felines, such as pumpkin to aid digestion, and omegas and antioxidant vitamins A & E to boost weakening immune systems. The omegas also promote joint health for better mobility. Low phosphorous content and added hydration help protect aging kidneys and urinary tracts.

With cats living longer due to better nutrition and veterinary care, there will be increasing consumer demand in the future for foods like Tiki Cat Silver that are targeted to the geriatric segment, predicted Hudson. The number of pet cats over the age of 10 has increased by 15% during the past decade (VCA Animal Hospitals), and 20% of US cats are now 11 years or older (ScienceDaily).”Owners of very old cats are starting to understand their pets’ unique nutritional requirements,” said Hudson.


Tiki Cat Silver wet cat food is offered in 3 recipes:

  • Mousse & Shreds with Chicken, Duck & Duck Liver Recipe in Broth
  • Whole Foods with Chicken Recipe in Chicken Broth
  • Whole Foods with Tuna & Mackerel Recipe in Tuna Broth

Each variety is available in a 6-pack of 2.4-oz. cans at $9.99 MSRP.

For more information on Tiki Cat Silver, visit here.



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