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To Do in June: Make Sure Your Website Has a Favicon

Make some display space for your buying spree at SuperZoo.




June 4-10

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Get serious about clearing display space for your buying spree at SuperZoo. Might be time to launch that eBay account to clear those duds of seasons past. Tighten up your open-to-buy. Check the stock-to-sales ratios on each category and see if you can do more with less. Keep your open-to-buy for really opportunistic buys.

BUYING Prepare a portfolio to present to prospective vendors. In it should be a letter of introduction that contains information about your store’s history, the demographics of your market, other brands you carry and your business’s credit ratings. Also, include marketing and promotional campaigns you’ve carried out and copies of magazine articles that mention your store or staff. (Another reason to join the PETS+ Brain Squad — hint, hint). And if you really want to go the extra yard, prepare a detailed report of your inventory. That should let people know you’re serious.

MERCHANDISING Has a customer ever asked you what your store’s name is as she is writing a check? You need to boost name recognition. Start with your logo and name on all in-store signage, and then check your other collateral (business cards, shopping bags, etc.).

June 11-17

WEBSITE Does your website have a favicon — the little icon that appears next to the URL in a Web browser — like Facebook’s blue “F”? It’s a small but noticeable professional touch that’s not hard to do yourself. Create your 16-by-16 pixel square masterpiece, name it “favicon.ico,” and place it in your Web server directory. Bam, you’re looking better already!

MANAGEMENT Create a “sunshine file.” This is where you collect all expressions of gratitude — thank-you notes, photos, awards — you receive. When you’re feeling down, you’ll be glad you have this.

June 18-24

MARKETING One under-used (and almost always free) promotional vehicle is supermarket bulletin boards. Find ones near you and get those promo flyers posted.


MANAGEMENT If your typical response to handling day-to-day affairs is, “Let me take care of this,” then try this: For the next two weeks, free up two hours a day just to manage. Delegate some admin work, drop less important meetings and spend the extra time giving more guidance to your team. You may find the extra productivity far outweighs your “lost” hours.

June 25-July 1

FINANCES Set a time to see your banker. Look for ways to use idle cash, reduce interest and improve cash flows. Set up a credit line now even if you don’t think you’ll ever need it — you never know.

STORE ENVIRONMENT Take a moment to evaluate your business’s restrooms. Are they in need of a fresh coat of paint, new faucet or updated artwork? Customers pay attention to these details!

NETWORKING Contact any churches, synagogues or business groups in your area. Tell them you’ll speak for free about pet training and health at their meetings.



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