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The Best Bird Food Stations for Every Kind of Cage

Stretch your mind about what can be used as a bird food station.




BIRD FOOD STATIONS can be as simple as a square plastic cup or as detailed as a replica of a rising sunflower. They can also be classic and familiar, depending on what your customers want for their birds. Stretch your mind about what can be used as a bird food station. Decorative food and water bowls give birds more texture and visual stimulation in the cage.

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Elevated bird feedersElevated Classics

These bird food stations put form before function, with fine detail, kiln-fired finishes and space-saving geometric designs. Catch your customer’s eye with elegant, white ceramic and colorful glazes, and then surprise them with reasonable prices. These sets only look expensive. The heft of each piece requires some hardware for installation, but most have an easy-out gizmo to make cleaning and refills easy.

Sure Lock

Key features: Dishwasher safe and stable enough to prevent spilling the 10 ounces it holds.

Sales tip: The space saving oval shape hugs the cage wall, where it locks securely to a mounting bracket., (888) 338-2473


Ceramic Cage Dish Set
Prevue Pet

Key features: A set of four ceramic bowls, which fit more than a dozen different cage models.

Sales tip: This set of crocks works with all Prevue wrought iron cages., (312) 243-3624

Quick Lock Crock

Key features: This durable dish that birds can’t spill or destroy comes in a variety of colors.

Sales tip: The base attaches vertically or horizontally and includes a twist-off release for easy refills., (800) 358-8254


Durable plastic bird feeders

Durable Plastics

Plastics are budget-friendly, lightweight and easy to clean, with different visual options. Clear plastics let birds see what’s happening around them while they dip in for a bite and give bird owners the option to watch their pets forage. Vibrant plastics, on the other hand, brighten up cage life with a splash of color.

Seed + Water Cup

Key features: These colorful cups contain two compartments for a variety of feeding and watering options.

Sales tip: Easy to clean. Give it a rinse or throw it in the dishwasher., (855) 347-2787

InSight Clean Cup
JW Pet

Key features: Hull scatter be gone — this colorful bird feed and water cup keeps the mess contained in its transparent plastic hood, with options to suit parakeets up to macaws.


Sales tip: The clear hood makes birds comfortable dipping in for a bite., (877) 738-6283

Clear Bird Feeder
Tidy Seed

Key features: Bird owners get a crystal-clear look at their foraging birds with this 5-inch acrylic feeder, which also comes in large and extra-large.

Sales tip: This new take on a clear feeder keeps leftovers contained — no matter how messy the finch., (800) 236-9398

Creative bird feeder substitutes

Creative Substitutes

Birds rarely care if they’re eating out of a bird food bowl or an orange juice cup, so surprise your customers with some nontraditional options. Bird baths, play stations and nest holders can also hold food and water, so if your store is known for its visionary displays, throw out the rules and consider these lively options.

Eco-Friendly Feeding Station
Le Sharma Trading

Key features: These colorful, 20-inch feeders are made of sturdy felted wool and come in five bright designs.

Sales tip: Purchases support women in Nepal who make felted bird feeders and houses by hand., (817) 684-9313

Sunflower Nest Holder and feeder

Key features: The second tier of this canary-sized nest holder serves as a treat holder and bird food station.

Sales tip: This colorful sunflower brings the outdoors into the bird cage., (800) 724-2436

Flowered Bird Crocks
Prevue Pet

Key features: Delicate flowers decorate this durable feeding station, which attaches with universal hardware.

Sales tip: Create a museum-inspired display with crocks and dishes from the same line., (312) 243-3624



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