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9 Organic Dog Food Selections to Meet Growing Demand

Here’s a snapshot of the current market, looking at both dry and wet formulas.




WHILE THERE’S A strong segment of pet parents who seek out premium foods, some obstacles remain for food manufacturers looking to bring all-organic formulas to market. For starters, certification and ingredient sourcing can make the product much more expensive. On the flip side, this is a category poised for growth, as the demand grows for all-natural and transparency in food sourcing. Here’s a snapshot of the current market, looking at both dry and wet formulas.

Dry Dog Food: $ $0-$2/pound | $$ $2-$3/pound | $$$ $3-$4/pound | $$$$ $4+/pound
Wet Food Price Key: $ 5-15 cents/ounce | $$ 16-30 cents/ounce | $$$ 31-50 cents/ounce | $$$$ 51+ cents/ounce

Crunchy Bites

Generally speaking, all-organic dry formulas can be a tougher nut to crack, due to the wider range of ingredients and the more complex production involved. Thankfully, there are a few industry trailblazers and newer additions to the market that are worth considering as stand-alone products or add-ons to existing brand offerings.


KEY FEATURES: Certified organic, non-GMO and sustainably produced ingredients in three recipes: Wild Ocean (MSC-certified Alaska cod), Free Acres (chicken) and Endless Valley (plant-based vegan).

SALES TIP: The vegan recipe is a good one to try on dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies to certain meat proteins.

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Stella & Chewy’s Raw Blend
Stella & Chewy’s

KEY FEATURES: Freeze-dried raw pieces mixed with minimally baked kibble made of 70 percent animal proteins and organic fruits and veggies. Free of grains, gluten and potatoes, with added probiotics.

SALES TIP: All the health benefits of raw without the big(ger) price tag., (888) 477-8977 ext. 100



Natural Planet
KLN Family Brands

KEY FEATURES: Chicken and Oats formula made with organic chicken, oats, barley, peas, brown rice, sunflower oil, carrots and seeds, along with other ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

SALES TIP: While not grain-free, this food is an affordable option and features almost all organic ingredients., (800) 525-9155


Soft Chew

While wet food has seen the most progress in the organic category, selection remains limited, leaving plenty of room for growth in this still-emerging market. We’ve highlighted a few of the longstanding favorites, in case you are just dipping a toe into the organic pool and not sure of where to begin.


Adult with Organic Chicken

KEY FEATURES: A canned food with 95 percent organic chicken, along with a handful of other key ingredients, vitamins and minerals. Also comes in a senior formula that’s turkey-based.

SALES TIP: Nothing wrong with keeping food simple, and this one delivers without any fillers., (800) 748-0188


Organic Dinner for Dogs
Newman’s Own

KEY FEATURES: Seven recipes of wet food from a pioneering brand in the organic arena. Flavors include chicken, beef, turkey, liver, beef & liver, chicken & liver and turkey & liver.

SALES TIP: Pair them with line of treats and dry food. All profits go to charities., (203) 222-0136


Evanger’s Organics

KEY FEATURES: Two recipes of canned food: chicken, and turkey dinner with potatoes and carrots. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth, cooked naturally in its own juices. .

SALES TIP: Proof that organic doesn’t have to break the bank., (847) 537-0102


Complete Meal

Not sure if you want to mix and match and would prefer to stick to a tried-and-true product line? Depending on where you’re located and your main customer base, organic could ring in some big business, especially among millennials, who tend to be more conscious about the environment and what they put in their body. These choices are the leaders in the field, and although they’ve been around for a while, they continue to innovate and develop new products.

Castor & Pollux Organix
Merrick Pet Care

KEY FEATURES: Produced without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, added growth hormones or antibiotics in organic-certified facility. The entire line was updated to be USDA Certified Organic in 2017. Made without GMO ingredients, nine recipes have been Non-GMO Project Verified.

SALES TIP: The gold standard for organic foods., (800) 875-7518


PetGuard Organics

KEY FEATURES: All-organic vegan formula features protein-packed quinoa and barley, as well as oats, peas, flaxseed, eggs, fruits and veggies. PetGuard also make two organic canned formulas: vegan and chicken.

SALES TIP: A cornucopia of superfoods. While some people might roll their eyes at vegan dog food, health-conscious customers will be on board., (800) 874-3221


Tender & True Organic
Tender & True

KEY FEATURES: Two USDA-certified organic dry formulas: Chicken & Liver and Turkey & Liver, available in three bag sizes. Also produces USDA-certified organic canned food in same flavors. Humanely-raised meat is free of antibiotics and hormones and fed vegetarian diet.

SALES TIP: Extra steps go above and beyond organic, for customers concerned about ethical conditions as well as health., (877) 616-4455




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