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Treatibles Debuts New Peanut Butter Flavored Hemp CBD Oil

The oil is available in two potencies, 500 mg CBD for dogs under 100 lbs.




(PRESS RELEASE) NASHVILLE, TN — Treatibles, pioneer and industry leader in creating full spectrum hemp CBD products for pets, presents its newest offering: Extra Strength Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil with Peanut Butter Flavor for dogs. These dropper bottles make it even easier to provide the benefits of hemp CBD oil with the peanut butter taste dogs crave. The oil is available in two potencies, 500 mg CBD for dogs under 100 lbs. (MSRP: $65) and 1000 mg for dogs over 100 lbs. (MSRP: $100).

“We are very cognizant of the fact that some pets or their people have peanut allergies, which is why we chose to instead include natural peanut butter flavor in the product,” offered Julianna Carella, founder and CEO of Treatibles. “This way, all dogs can enjoy and benefit from the peanut-free oil, which also happens to be vegan.”

The new peanut butter oil droppers contain a custom CBD oil that has been crafted through a multi-phase extraction process. After the cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils and other beneficial properties are extracted from the hemp plant, the oil is cryogenically frozen to stabilize and preserve these beneficial elements. The oil then undergoes a thermal separation technique followed by distillation, resulting in a pure, clear, amber oil rich in CBD, along with a symphony of supporting natural compounds.

“As we continue to grow, we also continue to partner with various formulation partners to develop different base CBD oils to incorporate into our products. This provides a variety of choices for our customers based on flavor, price, etc.”



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