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Uniting the Pet Care Community Will Bring the Industry to Even Greater Heights

Pete Scott, CEO of the American Pet Products Association, calls for unity among the many segments of the pet industry.




THE PET INDUSTRY is unlike any other. Members of the industry typically like to refer to ourselves as the pet care community because we are just that: a community with an eagerness to embrace different opinions, develop strong relationships and partnerships, team up on likeminded ventures, and put advancing the lives of pets and those who love and care for them first.

This collaborative spirit can be seen throughout the year at trade shows, leadership summits and advocacy events that are all well attended by industry members and stakeholders. Whether it is showcasing and shopping for the latest and greatest pet products or delivering the message to elected officials that pets have a positive impact on human health and quality of life, the pet care community gathers frequently to harness our collective knowledge and expertise to advance our industry.

Even with these events and collegial relationships driving us forward, we can still take our work a step further, making a concerted effort to make life easier and more enjoyable for our ultimate target audience: pets and their owners. By coming together and uniting the voices of the pet care community, from pet product manufacturers to retailers, groomers and boarders, veterinarians and more, we can achieve this goal.


There are so many great stories to tell within the pet care community, but many of these efforts are siloed, divided between the different niche offerings within our industry. For example, a compelling story in the vet space should be celebrated by those in the pet products and services arena and vice versa, and the research conducted by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) that speaks to the power of relationships between pets and their owners has relevance to the entire pet care community. These shared synergies even extend beyond the pet care space. The industry should be asking itself how we can work with specialty gift buyers, outdoor enthusiasts, sports advocates and hospitality leaders to expand into industries where people and pets already intersect.

Finding a way to unite the pet care community will push our industry — which already reached a record $123.6 billion in sales last year — toward even greater heights. Through elevated collaboration, we can amplify our successes and scale our efforts to reach expanded and new audiences. Shining a light on all the good that is being done will ultimately drive toward our shared goal of providing the products, services and information pet parents need to provide the animals in their life the best.

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