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Van Ness Pet Products Introduces Calm Carrier Max

Make travel calm, safe and comfortable for you and your pet with the Calm Carrier Max.




(PRESS RELEASE) CLIFTON, NJ – Expanding on the success of the award-winning Calm Carrier, Van Ness Pets introduces the Calm Carrier Max.

Whether it’s for a quick visit to the vet or a cross-country road trip, loading pets into their carrier can be the most stressful part of travel. Many pets experience panic and fear during loading and unloading that can sometimes result in injuries to themselves or their owners. The Calm Carrier Max features the revolutionary “Easy Load Drawer” that allows pets to be loaded calmly into their carrier without the use of stress-inducing force. The sliding drawer operates single-handedly, gliding seamlessly in and out for fast loading and unloading, effectively reducing travel-related fear and anxiety for both pets and their owners.

The new Calm Carrier Max is 60% larger in size than the Calm Carrier and supports pets up to 35 pounds. Like its predecessor, the Calm Carrier Max is easy to assemble with no tools required and nests efficiently for storage when not in use.

Make travel calm, safe and comfortable for you and your pet with the Calm Carrier Max.

MSRP: $69.99




NASC Media Spotlight

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