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Veggies, Frequent-Buyer Programs and More Retailer Wants and Needs in the Dog Treat Category

Retailers share the products they would carry if they could only find them, plus what support could help them sell even more of what they do stock.




  • More vegetables. It would be great in bulk for our treat bar, too! — Cherie L., NH
  • Bigger ball-shaped treats that can go in interactive toys and not fall out as easily. — Sarah T., Frisco, CO
  • Order minimums that truly support indie pet — 40 per flavor is unrealistic. — Cynthia M., Houston, TX
  • We only have two vendors we purchase decorated cookies from, and it would be nice to have more options. — Sheila S., Geneva, IL
  • Free samples. If I can get a pet to eat a sample in the store, 70% will buy the treat. — Robin J., Monroe, WI
  • More social media content. More shelf talkers that quickly and concisely highlight the health benefits. — Amy S., NY
  • Clearer packaging. It’s important to be able to see what the treats look like. — Sandy H., Hamden, CT
  • Breaking up a larger treat when working with a dog is a hassle, so having large bags of small and quality-ingredient treats would be awesome! — Samantha Y., Wilkinson, IN
  • More manufacturer frequent-buyer programs through Astro. This would help more buyers be loyal to brands only in mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar stores. It could definitely build momentum for the brand. — April M., Crestview, FL
  • Single-ingredient freeze-dried or dry-roasted treats in venison, or any other protein not currently flooding the market. — Chad M., Rehoboth Beach, DE
  • More lickable enrichment products! — Jennifer F., Beverly, MA
  • Bulk treats. There has been a shortage and slowdown, and it’s hard to keep the bar full. — Dani E.,
    Columbiana, OH
  • More U.S. made and sourced. — Jenny D., MO
  • Treats with healthy ingredients for dogs and cats with conditions such as pancreatitis, diabetes. — Theresa S., AL
  • Goat whip in a spray container would be a huge hit! Would make topping lick mats a breeze! — Jamie S., MO
  • Cell meat treats. Not for everyone, but I think there’s a market. — Amanda F., New Paltz, NY
  • Brands haven’t had jerky in stock, and pet parents are getting discouraged and buying from Walmart. — Britt S., Knoxville, TN

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