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Vet Developed Gloves Protect User From Bites and Scratches

Unlike other bulky hand gloves ArmOR form-fitting, washable gloves are designed to provide the comfort, dexterity and protection needed to safely restrain and treat animals.




(PRESS RELEASE) PITTSBURGH, PA — Developed and designed to protect against animal related injuries, the ArmOR hand gloves provide handlers and caregivers the protection and dexterity needed to properly restrain and perform procedures. These form-fitting gloves are comfortable and durable while providing protection from bites and scratches from finger tips to elbows.

“Being a vet is one of the top ten most dangerous jobs, and I can attest to that after suffering bites from a patient and the resulting infection that required extensive surgery and physical therapy to regain proper function of my hand.” says Dr. Laura Catena, veterinarian, founder and president of ArmOR Hand Gloves. “After that experience I decided to develop a safe and effective glove that allows for proper animal restraint technique through the superior flexibility and dexterity the gloves provide.”

Perfect for professional animal caregivers, pet owners, wild life rehabbers, groomers and others, these gloves are constructed of all synthetic materials including Kevlar and stretch Cordura and provide protection from the tips of the fingers to the elbows. Elastic wrists insure a good fit for increased mobility while the rubber fingertips provide improved restraint control. The gloves are machine washable and can be wiped down to help prevent zoonotic and infectious disease transmission.

The ArmOR hand gloves are available in two different styles including The Original Animal Handling Glove (MSRP $150), which offers complete hand and arm coverage and is reinforced in high-injury areas to provide enhanced protection decreasing the chance of bites and scratches and the transmission of zoonotic disease.

The second style, The Procedure Palpation Glove (MSRP $150), is the exact same glove as the Original Animal Handling Glove, except that the first three fingers are exposed. This allows for palpitation, vaccine administration, blood draws, toe nail clipping, ear cleanings, placement of ET tubes or anything else you may need to accomplish in practice.

“ArmOR hand gloves were instrumental in over 650 wildlife rescues in 2020,” says Ben Nuckolls, of California Wildlife Encounters. “These are absolutely the best gloves.”


“ArmOR gloves are a Fear Free Preferred Product,” added Catena. “Due to their superior flexibility and dexterity they are compatible with low-stress animal handling techniques that cannot be achieved with bulky “welders” gloves. These gloves provide the ultimate protection, cost savings and low-stress handling.”



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